Saturday, November 17, 2007

Balik Kampung Chenaam!!!


Last Saturday--- 10/11/07---- those who have attended the on the month of May went back to Kampung Chenaam at Nibong Tebal to visit our keluarga angkat (foster parents). Approximately 25 of us went back and for those who could not attend at least i am here to share some pictures and stories with you guys. Overall it was a remarkable and full with laughter. Let me summarize the things we have done during the whole day from the starting point to the climax and to the end. haha.

Starting point----->
We stopped at Tesco to buy something for our foster parents and straight away started our journey after that.

During the journey to Kg Chenaam---->
2 siau (crazy) drivers from 2 different cars thought that they were in the mist of the F1 race in Sepang, overtaking each other dangerously. Their cars were only few centimeters away from each other....very close indeed...I was in one of those cars, fekt the adrenalin rushing in my veins....but i got to admit it was fun although it was damn risky for our life. :P

At Kg Chenaam----->
We waited for our foster parents at the meeting place which was the Dewan Serbaguna JKK

Ps:thanks jun tion for this pic. Don't worry i am not trying to promote Leewen here alright?

At keluarga angkat (foster family) houses------>

At Farah's(the girl with gray shirt) keluarga angkat(foster family) house.
Ps: thanks to Farah's mak angkat for the goreng pisang (banana fritters)

What's with that post Jun Tion?? haha (the guy with purple shirt)

At Pheng's foster family house. Pheng is the one next to Farah with the peace sign

Here comes my foster family's house!!!!----->

This is 'my' lovely house!!
~Home Sweet Home~

This is my mak & bapa angkat (foster parents)

They are my family (ohana).......according to Stich, Ohana means family. :)

Laksa Kampung Chenaam... cooked by my foster mom. yummy!!
Finger licking good!! Laksa is their delicacies.

Hey everyone the cat's name is Tom. This pic was taken o3/6/07 this was the 1st & the last time i take this pic together with Tom. He is dead now... Pls be quiet for a few seconds to pay a tribute to him............ should all acquaintence be forgot and never......... (i bet all of u think that is a silly thing to do... BUT he is still a living thing...)

The Climax------->

Having our dinner at Tambun Seafood..... Tasty!!!

These were the people went back to Kampung Chenaam...... I would like to say a big thank you to all you guys here to make 10/11/07 a day to remember....

The Ending------>The trip was.......... (the pic tells it all) :)

Thanks Sing Rou for that tumbs up. haha.

The Conclusion---->

We Malaysians consist of Malays, Chinese and Indian. Attending this PJKN had actually help we youth to get to know each other's cultures better and deeper.Through this programme, we people living in the cities had this opportunity to experience the 'kampung' (village) life. From my point of view and also through my observations, i think that people living in the out skirt lead a very simple life and one of the differences between the cities and the villages is that the people in the villages seem to care about each other more. Having a good relationship with their neighbours is also their main thing. While in the cities, we care more about $$ and some people do not take the initiative to even get to know their neighbours. When i first stepped into Kampung Chenaam, i could feel the warmness and the friendliness from the villagers and my intuition told me that 'this will gonna be good!'. :)

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