Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Everlasting Friendship

F.R.I.E.N.D.S--- what does that stand for you???
I got to admit at times i really miss the time i have spent during the high school (MGS,Penang) , as time goes on, new friends enter my life but the old friends of mine still remain in my heart. Some funny,happy,joyous and sad memories still be remembered clearly......

Here are some pictures taken during our times at MGS which can be shared now after for so long........Maybe you might flash back of the old times u had with your friends too. ENJOY!!

Welcome To Penang Hill!!!

Try to spot the XXX thing... :P

Awww.... Putus cinta's face.kesiannya.. haiz..
'Sad... Face..... Always make me cry....'

Pretending to study????

Miss Hong--Our PJ teacher. haha.

Psst.... they thought that they r that cute. haha.
SingRou & AiFern

Although we have had the happiest moments at school but the happiness doesn't seem to last forever. My friend is right bout it after all that nothing in this world can last FOREVER. If you were in a relationship and your partner tells u that 'i will always love you FOREVER N EVER'.... That will be so BULLSHIT!!!! or other better/ more famine word than that, its called as COW DUNG!!! cause believe or not.... This will not happen in this world... face the reality!! Same goes to friendship. So it is time for all of you to treasure your friends... because they too wont stay in this world FOREVER. Don't ever take things for granted and complain bout your friends too much because to me, if you are a good friend, you should accept their weakness. Accept who they are.... to be continued.... :)


xand said...

A nice blog pin yin :)
Friends plays an important part in our lives. I totally agree that effort is needed to keep a very good friendship.Besides that, I also believe that once a friendship is form it does stay forever (we might think we hav lost a fren when we do not keep in touch but somebody still does remembers us as a friend. So the best is to always appreciate your friends :)
Miss ya lots Pin Yin
Keep in touch
Always be my friend ok

C Wee said...

If you were in a relationship and your partner tells u that 'i will always love you FOREVER N EVER'

hahah/py, totally agree with this!!! hahahahaha