Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was quite busy these few days.... due to some big,huge problems which have occurred in my life. The problem which i cannot avoid at all and it does not only involve me alone.. it involves other people too. Anyhow, i told myself that i got to be strong and tough to go through this. I know the road in front of me, might be full of obstacles and i know it clearly that it wont be an easy way out. I told myself repeatedly not to give up hope on certain things. Everything i do in my life for now, i must have sincerity and faith in all the things i do....and i do believe in miracle. i believe that miracle will happen if you believe it.

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raedarling said...

hua.....wad problems u have ah....anyways, nothing is impossible la, i wish u luck in everything u do! muax!