Saturday, November 17, 2007


I just started taking up guitar lessons (i teach myself and also some guidance from my sis) 1 month ago and i enjoy it a lot!! but the journey is pretty tough. My finger tips hurt so much and its kinda difficult to change from chords to chords.....what to do.. i m just a beginner...maybe a lil slower than the actual beginner too. I currently practicing a song entitled 'i miss you like crazy' by the Moffats. Although this song sound easy but i took around few weeks to change the chords and till now i still have not master it. haha... i m a slow learner huh? haha. but that wont make me quit. Now i am planning to play other new songs too. any guitar tips for me??? Feel free to drop me some comments on that. i might need some help from you guys. haha thanks!!!

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ignatius said...

Siao guitar siao till this level..

help me..
im suffering nw d in it