Monday, November 19, 2007

I was resting on my bed and all of a sudden, this topic came to my mind. And i straight away sent text messages asking my friends' opinions bout it. i know i might sound a lil out of my mind but this is who i am. Whenever i thought of something which is applicable to my daily lives (blogging is included now. :P) i will definitely take the actions. So this question is-----
How do you interpret this situation........
When a guy tells a girl that she is more than a friend to him.

I have done a very tiny survey on this.

Majority of the guys said that whenever a guy says that to a girl, it indicates that he likes/loves the girl and also interested to get to know her.One of my friends said that the guy might likes the girl but he does not have the courage to start a relationship and at the same time he does not want to lose this girl.

While for the girls..... ermm... they might see things in a different ways compare to the boys.
One of them said that- the guy does not want to treat the girl as a normal friend and the girl sure means a lot to him.
Another girl said that- the guy might treats the girl as his very good friend. The praise 'more than friend' does not necessary indicate that the guy likes the girl.

So what do you people think about this situation???? I hope i can get different point of views about this. Feel free to drop your opinions here......... so that we can share with the others. thanks!! and chaoz..... :)


ignatius said...

well...this question a bit tough
At first, this phrases'u are more than a friend to me' is said by a guy..
thn it means that guys answer will surely be more accurate rite?

I believe that if a guy suddenly told a gal that she means more than a friend to him, then it must means that that guy is interested to that gal and wanna chase after her...

btw...ur photo quite sexy(one gal and one guy with naked body)

C Wee said... really funny..sent that ques to everyone just to have a survey..
i tot you are facing this

Alvin said...

wow...this really a very good question.... when someone(guys) tell u i treat u more den a fren to a girl...... means .......

actually maybe this is some tips for the girl to catch it that he might feel interested to her n at the same time need the girl's attraction n maybe same feeling to the guy.... this can be counted indirectly n also directly...hAHA YOu just know the situation half half.. so must see how the person react infront of the ppl...

first time drop to ur blog...haha..nice nice... keep it up...

sigining out