Friday, November 16, 2007

My Sunflower


Sunflower is known as the peace symbol

‘You need to be at least 165 centimeter an above, you must have curvy legs and you need to be good looking’. Do these words sound familiar to you?
‘Nah…..You do not need these packages to be able to be part of the anti-nuclear exhibition held in Penang, Malaysia from 23/10/2007 to 4/11/2007. All you need to have is the sincerity, have no fears in learning and also the courage to spread the awareness of the abolition of nuclear.

I was one of the exhibition guides whom have the guts to strive forward and to push the extra miles to make positive changes around the world which is to stop the world from using the nuclear weapons for the wrong purposes. Taking part in this exhibition was one of the first few steps towards the changes. Some of my friends were not that supportive and according to them, it is a vain thing to do. Some were very enthusiastic about it and even asked me to go ahead with my ‘mission’. I had two roads to choose at that time and I chose to take part in the exhibition. If not, I would not be sitting here writing about my experiences. I believe things which have happened, they happen for reasons.

The process of being a professional exhibition guide was simply a roller-coaster ride. As I am a student, I need to juggle between my school exams and also the exhibition training. Sacrifices were required as well as hard work, but I strongly believed with perseverance I can do my best out of it. Before the exhibition, we were told by the experienced that many unpredictable and unexpected obstacles could happen during the exhibition. Some might even occur beyond our imagination. They were indeed correct about it.

There was a time when a family which consists of a husband and wife together with their friend attended the exhibition. Everything sailed through smoothly at the beginning but it was pretty rough in the middle part and also the ending. The lady questioned me furiously,

‘Why are you all talking about Japan bombing? Don’t you think they should die because they were the one who torture our ancestors? They ripped off people’s head and they were so cruel. They should be killed at the first place!’

I was shocked to do anything at first and blood gushed through my veins. I took deep breath and steadily told them

‘Whatever happened last time, it was a history but now we should stop people around the world from using the destructive weapons for the sake of our children. Auntie, u wouldn’t want to see your grandchildren suffer right?’

Neither did I know that my words actually shut them for a little while. After a few minutes of my explanation, the auntie started her grandmother stories ranging from her career as a businesswoman to her vacation to Indonesia. I had to admit that it was a little excruciating but I smiled to show my politeness. To me, smiling is the key to avoid conflicts. Although I found it unbearable, I still appreciate her effort for coming to the exhibition. Apart from that, there was an uncle with his son also made their ways through our exhibition. One thing that the uncle has done that touched my heard deeply was when he actually called up his friends to take their kids to our organization building and praised us for our hard work and efforts for this anti-nuclear exhibition. Throughout the tour, he listened to me intently and this gave me strength to carry on.

I have learnt from this exhibition itself that, whatever things we do in our daily lives, we should have hope and faith in them. Plus, if there is a will, there is a way to solve problems. Same goes to the usage of nuclear weapons. Many think that it is useless to carry out this anti-nuclear exhibition and gave all sorts of reasons. One of them is,

‘We are not the government. So I think I can’t change people’s mindset on this. We are only normal human being without powers.’

To me, if you have the WILL to do something, to carry out our responsibilities NOTHING can stop us. Reasons that were given are just one of the ways to avoid facing the actual problems. So it is the time for each and every one of us to make a step forward, to make some changes in the world and say yes to ‘peace’! According to Daisaku Ikeda, the 3rd President of the Soka Gakkai International,

‘There is a path that birds follow as they fly through the sky. There is a path that fish follow as they swim through the sea. There is a path that the stars follow as they travel the heavens. And there is a path of principle that human beings should follow. This is none other than the path of peace.’

Last but not least, I would like to express my appreciations to all my friends and family whom have supported us in this anti-nuclear exhibition – Transforming the Human Spirit, From the Culture of Violence to the Culture of Peace. I would also like to thank all the ones who took part in this exhibition and have made this a success. I sincerely feel happy and bless to have been given this opportunity to be part of this success. THANK YOU! I name this piece of work as ‘my sunflower’.

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