Friday, November 16, 2007

WAR MUSEUM 2007 collaboration Buddhist Club,Christian Club n Librarian

Yo ...Yo.. We were in the War Museum!!


It was a successful trip organised by me,Shinyong,Denise, Amy and Junnie!!Our hard work have finally paid off. I was very happy at the end of the trip!! yay!! Great Job done by all of us!! :) 'self praise is no praise??' haha bt i got to ignore tat phrase this time> To everyone, u should take the initiative to visit this place at Batu Maung, Penang. It is a historical place where it is built by the British from 1930 to 1939 and was taken over by the Japanese after that.Many interesting chambers, tunnels, equipments placed there. Go ahead and have the experiences by youself and i am sure it will be worth it.

These are the very interesting pictures:

This is where execution took place.
Some of u might feel the sadness or
weird feelings when u stand near that

Do these equipments look like the ones u all get
during the National Service??

Is the person inside the railing real?
To find out the answer---><

This sword was used to torture the ppl

The FUN begins here!!! :

The tunnel..... damn nice!! but beware if u were to
meet anyone not from your group...
It will be a privilege 4 those who are not that 'tall' because
you dont have to bend down completely just to get tru. :P

' Siau' Chong Wee....He was in the world of his own.

Phei & Cwee enjoying their intimate moment together.
'Phei and Cwee' swinging on the tree,KISSING.'

Miss/Mr War Museum??
From left to right: Contestant No.1,2,3 and 4
To vote for your favourite: dial on your fix line- 04-88822277.
Remember, the power is in your hands.
Their future is up to you.

Yay!!on top of the meriam.
After you have enjoyed ur time looking at the pictures.....................................................

Thanks 4 spending your time visiting my blog... as this is the 1st post i have done... thanks!! and chaoz....


pingky sky said...

war museum...i went suvh place b4 oso!! quite fun lol!!
hw r u opinion on it??
pinyin...ur blog quite nice...a lot of photo ....quite interesting..!!
i like it so much...
gambate...hope u next time can post something news oo!! at dat time...must infrom me oo..!! i will come 2 view n leave some comments

pingky sky said...

i oso went war museum b4...quite fun lol!!
pinyin..ur blog quite good n interesting...hav a lot of photo!!
gambate oo...
next time if update something new...must infrom me oo...
i will come n view ...then leave some comments d..!!

Terry Lim said...

zzzzzzzzz........U feel happy there but me feel boring.I wan CERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1(Official declare cert).NO Cert=WORLD WAR 3

=YeongLi= said...

Hey!! Yin!!

It is nice to blog. as you can TYPE down all the sad and happy memories!

Keep up the good work, dear!

see you around! take care! muacks!

Hock said...

Ur post is quite enlightening. I find it nice...a mélange of pictures and words is just the perfect way to describe a place. I have never went there before, but after reading this post, at least I know how war museum is like. Nice work. Keep it up! :)

PS: Glad u finally had the passion for blogging

C Wee said...

fulamak..1st day blogging got so many comments!! hahahah..GREAT JOB!!!
soon and sooner,, your blog will be the famous among all!! lol

Tiang Chuan said...

hi pin yin.....this is your very first blog, & u have done well :) the photos make your blog lively and certainly make your stories even more interesting :)

see you around....

pingky sky said...

Well Done..pinyin!!
PJKN very fun...T-T but i din join it...haiz!!
Enjoy it...gambate!!