Friday, November 16, 2007



I didnt know blogging is that 'wow'!!! great!! fantastic!! I starting to like it a lot. All thanks to Cwee.haha. He has given me the inspiration to start doing one. haha. i bet he will be so damn happy bout it when he reads this. I made up my mind to start blogging after the war museum trip.It was a very enjoyable one. especially during the journey to our destination... in the bus.. hahaha... many mischievous stuff have happened....only the ones who sat at the back of the bus know about it... haha... here are some pictures taken in the bus.

EePing.... what are you trying to do??and do you know
that cap actually stinks?? hahah

Eeping i told u right... that the cap stinks..look at his expression u will know. haha

Pls DO NOT ACT CUTE!!!! Cwee Kau lui...haha.

Miss busy.....

Arrrgh!!!!!Dont!!! Dont!!! Dont!!!!

ENJOY!!!! Thanks once again 4 spending your time here!! :P

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C Wee said...

wei!!! why you upload my pic there!!! gosh!!!