Saturday, December 1, 2007

HEROES-Save The Cheerleader, Save The World!!


My all-time-favourite Tv Series for now is definitely -----> HEROES. I remembered the 1st episode that i have watched. It really grabbed my interest to watch it further and also to make me wait anxiously for the next upcoming episode.The thirllers were damn superb. I like the story line, the creativity of the creator--->Tim Kring. He gives lots of unsolved questions for the audiences to think and the unpredictable suspense.

In the movie, people around the world, ranging from Mexico to Japan, find themselves as 'unnormal' after they have discovered of what they are capable of. Some may stop the time (Hiro Nakamura, role play by Masi Oka), absorb other people's power(Peter Petreli, ply by Milo), some can fly (Nathan Petreli, play by Adrian Pasdar) and also a girl whom can regenerate herself (Claire Bannet, play by Hayden). Their differences can actually help to save the world...but in the end it is all up to them, whether they are going to use their abilities to help to save the world or to use their abilities for their own good (Syler). I can't predict what will happen in the future (in the movie) and i just cant seem to read Tim's mind at all. This is a show where all of you should put your busy schedules aside, and start watching it.


Which one do you guys prefer? The cute Hiro or the Serious Hiro?

PETER PETRELI.. cool huh? *grins*

DR SURESH, the scientist.

Sexy Claire....

People's fave character.... Micah.

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