Monday, December 3, 2007

It is Christmas time!!!


So what is the best gift for your friends and family and also love ones for Christmas??? I have some suggestions here... Let us have a look at these items

Item no.1 ---> Cup Cakes......Cup cakes are suitable for everyone!! Different designs will make us should visit this

Item no.2-----> Simple and classy cap for guys and girls.. unisex wear....

Item no.3 ----> Sexy under wear for ladies.... 'We sometimes need to look good inside too.' *wink* haha.

Item no.4 -----> Jay Chou's year end album!!!!!

Item No.5----> Does your friend need an extra fragrance? You should try this one.

Item. No.6 ---->ermm this might sound a lil expensive taste. But if you guys afford.. then go ahead.

Item No.7 ---->If your friends are into guitar.. This will make them happy.

Item No.8 ----> Woooohoo... Irresistible Jessica Alba??? You guys think you can get her? She is priceless. you wish. haha...

NAH....... I do not need all those expensive gifts for Christmas... All i need for xmas this year are just my friends & family. A small lil gift which comes from the bottom of your heart will be the best for me. Christmas is all about love, appreciations, happiness and spending qualities time with your love ones..not receiving expensive presents..


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Alan said...

Haven't seen you in such a long time!