Monday, December 10, 2007

Old Times at Zaid Ibrahim & co, Penang.

Yesterday, i went back to Menara BHL for the 2nd time after i have stopped working at Zaid Ibrahim & Co 8 months ago. During the 8 months period, many things have changed even the workers there have changed.....the old ones gone away and the new ones come in. The main counter has been re-renovated and my ex colleagues' physical look have been upgraded too. (so different from me as i m still the same old pinyin) :) My experiences working there for 4 months was indeed irreplaceable and all those good and also the bad memories will be only owned my me, myself and i. :P
When i stepped into ZICO (zaid ibrahim &co) yesterday, i began to flash back into the ealier of the year.... The times we had fun in the 'room' which consisted of 6 people (me,saykun,janet, zura, Aida,Yanti), the times when i was scolded by my aunt for making stupid mistakes, the times when i even stayed back till 7.30pm to finish my job which was given my one of the lawyers, the times when all of us were very stress out with our work due to the deadlines,the times we had lunch together at the 'entau bah's (good looking) coffee shop (the name was given by saykun because she thinks that the economic rice seller is good looking...ehem... :P) and etc... Through out my journey at ZICO, i definitely have learnt a lot of stuff which i didnt even know bout it during my schooling. haha. And i am very grateful that my aunt and others have helped me too..... working at a law firm needs full attention all the times as this work involves the important people... u know...haha. I did have the greatest 4 months life there...but still... being an eighteeen year old girl, i still prefer going to school. lol...

here are some pics taken 8 months ago at ZICO......

Sitting from left to right: me, saykun
Standing from left to right:Gillian, Janet & Zura

We were having lunch at Bayview restaurant. :P

I used to call them saykun & Janet, but now i think i got to call them miss Chan & miss Janet.:P

At the counter.. sitting from left to right: yanti, kak aida
standing with the white shirt: nicole

me & my aunt, better known as Anne

It is our 'room'!!!!

take a look at the files...haha. u will know that we really did work damn HARD!!

This is where i sat during my work time..:Pthis pic was taken on my last day at ZICO as u can see there are sweets on my table.....

Wow.... 22nd floor above the ground... hehe...

Thanks for everything, my friends!!!!!! i would like to make special thanks to my aunt, one of the partners (Miss Lena), and my ex colleagues working there.... take care and chaoz!!!

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