Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What did i do during the xmas eve???

Barbecue at the Beach!!

This is what we did before the bbq start and also we were waiting 'patiently' for the organiser to arrive..... *tick tock tick tock*.....(i wonder this sound will go on 4 how long...)

Wah..everyone was so anxious bout the presents they were getting.

Dig out the sand to make a hole....

Suki (the one with the red colour shirt):omg!! someone is spying on us with the camera.

Suki: take 5 pls, we need to be ready 1st before u take picture of us.
pinyin: (the one with xmas hat) : hmm... up to u la.....cause i m always ready!! hehe

Suki & pinyin:peace!!! :P

We wanted to feel piss off for waiting for so long... but we just could not do so... because 24th was a very very beautiful & romantic night... (u must be wondering y i m using the 'romantic' word to describe the night...haha u will know after looking at the 2nd pic from here)

take a look at the beautiful moon...

damn romantic night... romeo & juliet on the scene. memang drama kings.

The arrival of the VIP ----

Yay!!! thanks 4 waiting for us patiently.... haha.ermm... should be
sorry!! n thanks 4 waiting for us patiently.. lol

The Party starts here -------->

Arrrghh!!! this guy is so heavy & also lazy to do work. :P

Poor dog... but he seemed to enjoy it a lot.

He loves the crowd & also in the centre of attention.

the dog : 'everybody loves raymond' now has changed to 'everybody loves me' *grin*

Are'nt we adorable??
After finished bbqing ---------->

When guys gone wild----->

This is crazy!!!

do you think i m cool?? :P

Pressie, pressie, presents!!! time!!! -------->

a shampoo 4 my xmas present?? they think i smell?? :P

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