Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is it for real?? think about it again.

During the 8TV’s "Rockin Birthday Concert" Faizal Tahir, the first runner up for the One in a mililon 2007 took off his shirt and exposed his body which was painted with the letter "S" in red

According to the sources, the 8TV has been banned from showing live and delayed telecast concerts and all entertainment programmes for three months.
The effected programmes are: One In A Million, Project Superstar and American Idol.

For Faizal, he is not allowed to appear live or in delayed telecast of entertainment programmes aired by private television stations and may face similar action from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).
For now, Faizal is asked to do community service and it starts on February 1, 2008

To me,guys exposing their upper part body is just a normal thing. Just because of taking out his shirts, he is banned for doing show ever again? this is nuts!! The singers from the rock bands in other countries always do that during their concerts too. What is wrong with that? i notice that even some female local singers whose clothes that they wore exposed some parts which should not be shown at all... but did any actions taken??? Some were even worst than him.
Why must must Faizal be the scape goat? And he is asked to do community service just because of taking his clothes off? I read some of the viewer's opinion. One of them said that it is a very shameful thing to do. Is it so??? Should not all of "U" open your eyes and start to look around... look at the other female local singers? Do they actually dress that decently????? They look more 'decent' than Faizal?

Seriously, if they banned Faizal for all shows, this will be a great loss for our country as he is a very talented doubt. 'Sigh'.

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Ee Ping said...

agree wif u!

Chong Wee said...

hahha...thats why MALAYSIA BOLEH