Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008- Year of Capable People & Development

After all those incidents, things began to cool down a lil right now. I have tried my very best not to think bout the sadness but i have failed to do so. Whenever i wanted to close my eyes at night, my mind will wondered itself, back to the past. Back to the time when my dear daddy was still here with us...and tears will automatically trickled down from my eyes. I could not control my emotions very well at this moments. That is why, i tried to be very busy all the time in order to forget bout it.I go to the school everyday, try to live my school live to the fullest and when i come back i will finish up my homework + finishing up the chores.

People might think that i am a tough girl, yea.. i cant deny that i am a tough young lady but at times, i do feel weak. At times i do need someone to built me up again. Sometimes how i wish that an 'angel' will pop up in front of me when i needed a shoulder to lean on....I know that it is the time for me to move on & not to look backward but forward. No doubt that it is a difficult 'job' for me but i have given myself a task... a task which i MUST achive in this year 2008.... the year of capable people & development.

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