Monday, February 18, 2008

Pukii the mascot???

My friend sent me a link to the youtube to watch this short advertisement on Shanghai's Bank Mascot name--->>> PUKII. (vulgar word for the female's private part in hokkien) The advertisement is so damn funny. I laughed till i could not catch my breath properly. The song was sung by a group of children.

There are sentences like-----> "Pukii, Pukii chui ai ni" (Puki* Puki*, i love you the most)
------> "Pukii,Pukii Kawaii" (Puki* Puk*iyou are so cute!!)
-------> "Pukii,Pukii jiu shi ni!" (Puk*i Puk*i it is you!!)

So if you combine all the sentences together it goes like this:

Puk*, i love you the most
Puk* Puk* you are so cute
Puk* Puk*, it is you!!

take a look at this!

So during their promotion or one of the ways to ask the citizens to bank in their money more is to give them more "Pukii". I am sure the citizens will be so happy for that 'kawaii' 'pukii' mascot.