Monday, March 17, 2008


Today damn moody!! damn no mood, damn piss off, damn upset, damn damn & damn!!!! I did very badly in this exam, every subjects too... damn! what is wrong with me??? There are so many things going around in my head right now... Exam results are one of the parts that have made my day as dark as ever.....There are some problems too....why do mr./mrs/miss problems have to find me on the very same day??? Anyone of them should have visited me one by one not the whole lot.... making my brain jammed like hell. isssh... Some people have made me went clueless about the things they have done....In a while, 'they' treat me damn nice, another time 'they' ignore me completely.... so what the '%**#$$#* do you want???

Sunday, March 16, 2008

SGM High School Sports DAy

The captain Ball participants

Whose pic he was trying to take?? errmm.. :P

Guess what is that?

The red team!! honbu 5

wow.. tough girl & tough fight!

its my ball!!!

planing strategies?

nice design of the shirt

warming up

keeping their belongings

Team mates work together, play together and even gossip together!

We gathered at Penang Kaikan before pushing off to BTCC at Tambun approximately at 1.30pm.I was kind of a new there & i have tried my best to 'find' someone i can talk to yesterday while waiting for the bus to arrive but i could not. Everyone seemed to be busy with their stuff or some were already in their group of friends. I wanted to bug into one of the groups but i know it is not that nice so i called my friend up, to ask her to fetch me from Kaikan.

No.1 reason why i asked my friend, fern to pick me up- There seem to be no other duties or jobs 4 me to do;
no.2- I think they already have enough helpers
no.3-I dun even know what am i suppose to do! (consider myself as Person-In-Charge??)
no.4-my usual gang of friends were not there & i really felt damn lonely yesterday (its not that i did not make any efforts to talk to new friends but some even ignore me! damn sad...

i was wondering to myself.. what have happened to the talkative Pinyin?? i suddenly felt as if i was a dumb person. I dunno what happen!!
Later on i told 'myself to get into the bus & continue the journey because you don't ever want people to think that you are childish.' i knew that i am the Person-In-Charge and that was why ... by hook or by crook i must get my butt there! and i did!

By the time we arrived there, i seemed to be a little lost... not knowing what to do. I went on asking people what could i help them or what should i do. Luckily i took the initiative to ask...

The sports day was kicked off simultaneously with the captain ball competition and football competition. Things got better as time passed by and i was greatly glad bout it!! I even enjoyed myself talking to my fellow younger friends & not forgetting watching them play captain ball!! I was known as the 'photographer' (erm... i appointed myself to be one actually. haha) snapping pictures wherever i felt like doing it. The best part was the tug-of-war!! We could see the team spirit through it. Some of the guys were injured but they refused to get out of the game because of the SPIRIT they had! it is called the SPIRIT OF WINNING!. The crowd was cheering wildly, screaming on the top of their lungs, hoping that their teams will win... Overall it was a successful Sports Day despite of there were drizzling when the games were carried out. well done!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Try to be MISS- FIT- IN?

Do you know yourself very well? Do you think you really belong to that group of friends? Do you ever think you are trying too hard just to fit into the group of friends & try to be one of them?? Do you?

I have observed this in my school since last year until now, i have noticed some of the students do that & in my opinion, i think its a very sad thing.. Try to think about it... you were born with your own special personality, pure talent, own style and more. Everyone of us is special in our own way & that uniqueness make us stands out in the crowd. It does not mean, you can only stands out in the crowd if you had pretty big beautiful eyes & face. It is YOU!! you are different from other ppl which makes you stands out! And if the people out there do not notice you, they are the ones who have lost someone special like you.

Why do some of the people wanna try to become those who are not them at all?

Eg: You are not a b*tch but you try & die hard to be on of those B*tches??

What is that for?? .

So that you cant be lonely? or other wise... you wan to popular just like the other gal?

Come on!! Just stop 4 a moment & think carefully... Is this what you really wanted? do you feel HAPPY and FREE in your group?You have the right to choose you friends, your company & not forgetting you TRUE friends. Not the ones who go party all night with you when you feel down..true friends are the ones who built us up when we are down n give us their maximum supports.

All of us should know & get our own IDENTITY which is DIFFERENT from other ppl...

How could i have told u that?

When i was playing my guitar after for so long... my finger tips really hurt til i need some rest. but this feeling have made me think very carefully and rationally what have i said to you last time and is it the reason why you try to leave a big gap here between us now... And while i was strumming the guitar i realised there was a thing that i should not tell u at all & i wondered just now.. 'how could i have told you that?' I really wanted to take back those words but i know it is so impossible now... everything have changed. I am truly deeply regret what i have said to you......damn it!!!! I will NEVER get to go back to that great time of my life... NO MORE hope la.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a great way to LOSE weight..!!

I went for some cardio training just now. haha. The free cardio training without an instructor have been organized by my school's Leo Club with the Traffic Warden. We were suppose to meet at Youth Park at 7.30am but as usual la.. Malaysian time.... Some of them reached at around 9am & they started late. but nvm..... Let me show u some of the pictures i captured there! you know la.. picture tells all...

Its already 8.15am!! How much longer should we wait?

Models look alike?? ermm....

OKay.... the journey have finally started!

Halfway through...... Long way to go...

Annual Dinner at the peak?? This will b the most 'healthiest' Annual Dinner at Penang. no matter how much u eat, you wont get fat.cuz ur body will definitely burn all those calories.
So is there any other ways ppl would get up there other than hiking?

yay!! At the Top!!

Weren't they tired??

So guess who r they? They are known as 'the Honey' where the Honey attracts the Bees to come to them.

You will never know when the camera strikes! So watch out your moves. :)

Yea.. we were "NOT" really watching our moves here. *wink*

So do they???

This is when the competition starts!!!!!

Who is the ones behind the cap & the cap?? Who looks cooler?

Even the "Asses" need some competition.....
Btw the green colour words are' YONG CHIN'

Lastly!!!! BYe!

"I promise to show up as a grown up"


I read an article about L.O.V.E in the COSMIC Magazine issue Feb 2008 last night. The story is based on some true experiences people had encounter in their love lives. I just wanna share some of my opinions about 'the magical moment where everyone is in their own world of fantasy... which u call it LOVE.

Most of us have been nurtured since childhood to have al
ways wish that one day a handsome, successful, cool looking prince charming with his horse to rescue us. Most of the girls/ women adore their prince charming and hope to have the special kiss on their wedding day. They want a so called perfect wedding full of the luxurious, lavish, romantic & never forget the expensive diamond rings.According to that article by Seko Ong, it stated that 'we have always understood, perceived and even fooled ourselves to think that love is everything.' No doubt that love is romantic, love is freedom, love is your air you breath but please be reminded that love can be suffering too.

Even some couples who were SO in love were t
oo rush to get married without thinking of the responsibilities they must bare & the consequences AFTER their Wedding ceremony. Many didnt even think about the days ahead after their marriages. and this will results into separations & divorces. You can see many singers in US suffer that same problem..the most basic example: Miss Britney Spears & Kevin. Britney have been in & out from the rehabilitation ever since she got married to Kevin.

Do all of you know what are the common expressions we
have during our relationship??
Do these sentences sound familiar to you ---->
'He completes me"/ "She completes me" & "H
e is the air i breathe/ "She is my other half".
According to this writer, he said he is a staunch believer
of 'nobody completes ourselves except within us'.

I totally agree with what he have written. Because if we feel insure about ourselves, it will become a problem sooner or later in the relationship. One of the reasons is once we think that our partner 'complete' us, we tend to dem
and things from him/ her so that we are 'complete' again. This will eventually leads to sufferings & arguments in both parties.


I believe that we are the only ones who can complete ourselves by putting the other half missing pieces of us together. And once we have fix ourselves, this will make us to be in a position where we no longer demand things from the others to change for us. We will be COMPLETE individuals. Both couple who h
ave mended their weaknesses should encourage each other to advance in happiness, work, life and more. We should say this, 'I promise to show up as a grown up!'

This are the summary of the article written by
Seko Ong & thumbs up for his efforts! i really like the style of his writting. :P

Happy Wedd??

Is this the Britney we knew last time? This is the problem(going crazy & start to shave our hair off!) that will occur when we rush to get married without thinking much.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

9th of march- 'Funeral' for Barisan Nasional in Penang.

Today- 8/3/08 is the polling day for Malaysia. The election is held every 5 years & it is quite unexpected that DAP will be taking over Penang and this is the 2nd time in history that penang is taken over by the opposition. The DAP-PKR-PAS combination has collectively won at least 24 seats out of the 40 seats.

In Penang, the three state seats of Tanjong and Bagan have also been won by DAP. Other Penang state seats won by DAP are Air Puteh, Prai, Batu Lanchang, Pulau Tikus and leading in all the other state seats contested by DAP.

According to
Lim Kit Siang’s blog: here is a political tsunami in the 12th general election, with the Barisan Nasional suffering probably its biggest setback in history. From available reports, DAP

Being a Malaysian, i am obviously is very excited & eager to know the results. I remember 5 years ago, when i was 14 years old, i paid no attention to these politics at all but this year is different!.. I should know what is going on in our country these days as i will be one of the voters in next 5 years time.

Flash back time...... I heard from the very & indeed a professional speakers like Karpal Singh from the Opposition party (DAP) last week. He said, ' Samy Vellu, 9th of Marchwill be your "funeral". I guess he is definitely right with his 'prediction'. Samy Vellu lost to Dr DJeyakumar(PKR) for the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat which he has held for nine terms. and for your information, today (8/3/08) is Samy Vellu's 72th birthday.... & his birthday wishes of getting the place in the Parlimen have came crashing down..... sorry Mr.Samy.

about Dr.Other than that, i remembered reading one of the DAP banners at Tanjung BungahTeng Hock Nan. It stated, 'He has messed up the public transport, what do you expect from him again?'

So will BARISAN NASIONAL or the OPPOSITION PARTIES (DAP, PAS, PKR) win (overall) this year??? We will see......

DAP- Ur Rocket is really 'shooting' up high & i think it will take some time to 'land' again..

Busy with voting

Before the elections: take a look at Chia Kwang Chye's toothy smile...
After the elections: 'Sour mangoes' for sale!!!

At Air Itam

Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Thank You!

Thanks a lot to my friends & family who gave me presents and also wished me on my birthday!! i really do appreciate it alot!! xie xie ni!! i am & was happy!!

Ps: FernFern 4 the movie ticket!!Thanks PIng,Denise,Amy,KehJun,ShinYong,YeeMin,KeeWai &Jeremy HongCK 4 the bday sorry that i forgot to take pics of the cake..hehe muaks!! :P> Special thanks to my mom, sis & bro 4 the bday cake & also the rest of my friends. i really appreciate ur love from the bottom of my heart. :)