Monday, March 17, 2008


Today damn moody!! damn no mood, damn piss off, damn upset, damn damn & damn!!!! I did very badly in this exam, every subjects too... damn! what is wrong with me??? There are so many things going around in my head right now... Exam results are one of the parts that have made my day as dark as ever.....There are some problems too....why do mr./mrs/miss problems have to find me on the very same day??? Anyone of them should have visited me one by one not the whole lot.... making my brain jammed like hell. isssh... Some people have made me went clueless about the things they have done....In a while, 'they' treat me damn nice, another time 'they' ignore me completely.... so what the '%**#$$#* do you want???

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Alan said...

Do not be in despair and try harder next time! Good luck!