Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"I promise to show up as a grown up"


I read an article about L.O.V.E in the COSMIC Magazine issue Feb 2008 last night. The story is based on some true experiences people had encounter in their love lives. I just wanna share some of my opinions about 'the magical moment where everyone is in their own world of fantasy... which u call it LOVE.

Most of us have been nurtured since childhood to have al
ways wish that one day a handsome, successful, cool looking prince charming with his horse to rescue us. Most of the girls/ women adore their prince charming and hope to have the special kiss on their wedding day. They want a so called perfect wedding full of the luxurious, lavish, romantic & never forget the expensive diamond rings.According to that article by Seko Ong, it stated that 'we have always understood, perceived and even fooled ourselves to think that love is everything.' No doubt that love is romantic, love is freedom, love is your air you breath but please be reminded that love can be suffering too.

Even some couples who were SO in love were t
oo rush to get married without thinking of the responsibilities they must bare & the consequences AFTER their Wedding ceremony. Many didnt even think about the days ahead after their marriages. and this will results into separations & divorces. You can see many singers in US suffer that same problem..the most basic example: Miss Britney Spears & Kevin. Britney have been in & out from the rehabilitation ever since she got married to Kevin.

Do all of you know what are the common expressions we
have during our relationship??
Do these sentences sound familiar to you ---->
'He completes me"/ "She completes me" & "H
e is the air i breathe/ "She is my other half".
According to this writer, he said he is a staunch believer
of 'nobody completes ourselves except within us'.

I totally agree with what he have written. Because if we feel insure about ourselves, it will become a problem sooner or later in the relationship. One of the reasons is once we think that our partner 'complete' us, we tend to dem
and things from him/ her so that we are 'complete' again. This will eventually leads to sufferings & arguments in both parties.


I believe that we are the only ones who can complete ourselves by putting the other half missing pieces of us together. And once we have fix ourselves, this will make us to be in a position where we no longer demand things from the others to change for us. We will be COMPLETE individuals. Both couple who h
ave mended their weaknesses should encourage each other to advance in happiness, work, life and more. We should say this, 'I promise to show up as a grown up!'

This are the summary of the article written by
Seko Ong & thumbs up for his efforts! i really like the style of his writting. :P

Happy Wedd??

Is this the Britney we knew last time? This is the problem(going crazy & start to shave our hair off!) that will occur when we rush to get married without thinking much.


Chong Wee said...

again i want to say.
BRITNEY, you are so 'SEXY'
just keep ur hair baLD.
you look great with that

Anonymous said...

hey...seko ong is a girl.