Friday, March 7, 2008

Jay chou's concert - world tour 2007/2008

I finally got the time to update my blog.... Just finished our school's exams. yay!!
So here goes my preview of
Jay Chou concert held at Stadium Merdeka on the 23th Feb 2008. My friend, Yeongli & i took the 'NICE' bus to Kl on the 22nd and we came back on the 24th.

Over all it was a superb & cannot be described how fantastic the concert was. Some of the songs he sang (
an jing, hei se you mo) while playing the blue grand piano were so mesmerizing. I remembered not taking off my look on him throughout the whole concert...because it will be so wasted! I like the white outfit here wore with the white was so breath taking!!

Nan Quan Ma Ma came along with him as well (obviously Jay is trying his best to promote them....we appreciate his efforts because Nan Quan Ma Ma which consists of 3 guys & a girl are very very super talented... especially the guy who played the piano, dueting the piano with jay on that night... that will be on of the most memorable ones!!)

The crowd which sum up to approximately
20,000 people was very supportive ( i mean who wont right?? cause that guy who was singing on stage is the top singer in Taiwan & also Asia market)

Take a look at those pics we captured during the 3 days at kl!

We saw that advertisement on the way so we decided to capture it

The entrance ticket!! which cost us quite a lot of money. hehe.

Bags Bags & Bags

We had our lunch at TGI Friday just b4 the concert starts

I think the burger is too big. we could not finish it

Jay's fan club t shirt- Jay2U

Look at the crowd. This is only a small part of the total of 20000 ppl

The grand stage

This was what have happend when Jay was to appear on stage. :p

The very opening performance

OMG!! I love that piano!The piano and him was actually coming up from the ground

How i wish i was one of the dancers there... but of course with more clothes on me.haha

The best outfit of the night.The 'white man' :)


I would like to thanks Yeongli & Yeongli's friends for helping us out so much... bringing us out & even travelling from Sunway to PUchong... without any hesitation... xie xie ni!!

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