Sunday, March 16, 2008

SGM High School Sports DAy

The captain Ball participants

Whose pic he was trying to take?? errmm.. :P

Guess what is that?

The red team!! honbu 5

wow.. tough girl & tough fight!

its my ball!!!

planing strategies?

nice design of the shirt

warming up

keeping their belongings

Team mates work together, play together and even gossip together!

We gathered at Penang Kaikan before pushing off to BTCC at Tambun approximately at 1.30pm.I was kind of a new there & i have tried my best to 'find' someone i can talk to yesterday while waiting for the bus to arrive but i could not. Everyone seemed to be busy with their stuff or some were already in their group of friends. I wanted to bug into one of the groups but i know it is not that nice so i called my friend up, to ask her to fetch me from Kaikan.

No.1 reason why i asked my friend, fern to pick me up- There seem to be no other duties or jobs 4 me to do;
no.2- I think they already have enough helpers
no.3-I dun even know what am i suppose to do! (consider myself as Person-In-Charge??)
no.4-my usual gang of friends were not there & i really felt damn lonely yesterday (its not that i did not make any efforts to talk to new friends but some even ignore me! damn sad...

i was wondering to myself.. what have happened to the talkative Pinyin?? i suddenly felt as if i was a dumb person. I dunno what happen!!
Later on i told 'myself to get into the bus & continue the journey because you don't ever want people to think that you are childish.' i knew that i am the Person-In-Charge and that was why ... by hook or by crook i must get my butt there! and i did!

By the time we arrived there, i seemed to be a little lost... not knowing what to do. I went on asking people what could i help them or what should i do. Luckily i took the initiative to ask...

The sports day was kicked off simultaneously with the captain ball competition and football competition. Things got better as time passed by and i was greatly glad bout it!! I even enjoyed myself talking to my fellow younger friends & not forgetting watching them play captain ball!! I was known as the 'photographer' (erm... i appointed myself to be one actually. haha) snapping pictures wherever i felt like doing it. The best part was the tug-of-war!! We could see the team spirit through it. Some of the guys were injured but they refused to get out of the game because of the SPIRIT they had! it is called the SPIRIT OF WINNING!. The crowd was cheering wildly, screaming on the top of their lungs, hoping that their teams will win... Overall it was a successful Sports Day despite of there were drizzling when the games were carried out. well done!

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