Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Try to be MISS- FIT- IN?

Do you know yourself very well? Do you think you really belong to that group of friends? Do you ever think you are trying too hard just to fit into the group of friends & try to be one of them?? Do you?

I have observed this in my school since last year until now, i have noticed some of the students do that & in my opinion, i think its a very sad thing.. Try to think about it... you were born with your own special personality, pure talent, own style and more. Everyone of us is special in our own way & that uniqueness make us stands out in the crowd. It does not mean, you can only stands out in the crowd if you had pretty big beautiful eyes & face. It is YOU!! you are different from other ppl which makes you stands out! And if the people out there do not notice you, they are the ones who have lost someone special like you.

Why do some of the people wanna try to become those who are not them at all?

Eg: You are not a b*tch but you try & die hard to be on of those B*tches??

What is that for?? .

So that you cant be lonely? or other wise... you wan to popular just like the other gal?

Come on!! Just stop 4 a moment & think carefully... Is this what you really wanted? do you feel HAPPY and FREE in your group?You have the right to choose you friends, your company & not forgetting you TRUE friends. Not the ones who go party all night with you when you feel down..true friends are the ones who built us up when we are down n give us their maximum supports.

All of us should know & get our own IDENTITY which is DIFFERENT from other ppl...

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