Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a great way to LOSE weight..!!

I went for some cardio training just now. haha. The free cardio training without an instructor have been organized by my school's Leo Club with the Traffic Warden. We were suppose to meet at Youth Park at 7.30am but as usual la.. Malaysian time.... Some of them reached at around 9am & they started late. but nvm..... Let me show u some of the pictures i captured there! you know la.. picture tells all...

Its already 8.15am!! How much longer should we wait?

Models look alike?? ermm....

OKay.... the journey have finally started!

Halfway through...... Long way to go...

Annual Dinner at the peak?? This will b the most 'healthiest' Annual Dinner at Penang. no matter how much u eat, you wont get fat.cuz ur body will definitely burn all those calories.
So is there any other ways ppl would get up there other than hiking?

yay!! At the Top!!

Weren't they tired??

So guess who r they? They are known as 'the Honey' where the Honey attracts the Bees to come to them.

You will never know when the camera strikes! So watch out your moves. :)

Yea.. we were "NOT" really watching our moves here. *wink*

So do they???

This is when the competition starts!!!!!

Who is the ones behind the cap & the cap?? Who looks cooler?

Even the "Asses" need some competition.....
Btw the green colour words are' YONG CHIN'

Lastly!!!! BYe!

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