Friday, April 4, 2008

It is NOW or you will REGRET it.

I bought this story book entitled 'The Cheat Sheet' from the Big Book Shop last Monday. At first i was in dilemma whether to buy this book or another book entitled 'Peace' for around 10mins but in the end i chose this book and i absolutely not regret over my decision. haha.. This book is mainly about understanding 'why men today REALLY cheat' What are their honest reasons behind it?... It is a reality & not a fantasy that many couples who were married happily for more than 10 years actually divorce over some reasons... One of the reasons is spell as C.H.E.A.T.
According to the authors of this book (Rob Wiser and Christopher Curtis), they said that this book is all about helping us. Whether you want to make your current relationship adultery-proof or enter into a NEW relationship on solid ground, it is crucial that all of us understand the realities before infidelities start coming between US and OUR man.

Basically, according to the book, there are 3 types of men...
1. Those who cheat
2.Those who have cheated in the past
3.Those who will cheat if placed in the right (or wrong) circumstances.

Here goes the summery of this book
Why do men cant stay loyal to his partner for his lifetime?


it had said that men's nature are to have sex not only sex... they want a GREAT sex. 9 out of 10 married men cheated on their wives because they claimed that their wives could not give them the satisfaction. And that is why... they began to hunt for new partner. wow..... i got to admit that i have learnt a lot from this book bout men's thinking. :P

The other info from this book is... if you dont want your men to start hunting for another of the solution is to let your man be the man.
I got to agree with that statement. There are two types of guy. One is called the masculine guy, the other is feminine guys. It is best match when the girl is known as the feminine girl together with the masculine guy. Girls should let their men to make the decisions occasionally not do not control them too much or they will soon be fed up with you and will start to stray away.. i know it is damn unfair to girls but this is the way guys are...

Next precaution will be....We should make things very clear before we start a relationship. We girls got to tell the guys what we dont like about the things he will do.
eg: flirting with other girls, eyeing other more attractive girls than you etc. you got to tell them that you really do not like and wont tolerate that behaviors. What is the reasons behind that?
So that he wil not make any excuses if he did something unloyal to you. Guys LOVES to not admit the mistakes they done and they will twist and turn their words and they will blame on us at the end... SO we got to make things clear what we dont like and do not want during the relationship....

GUYS GUYS & GUYS.........

Reading this book is educational... as we really can know lots of things about guys' behaviors. It is gd that we understand them....

oh yea.. another way to find whether your husband is cheating you or not...
the book said..... Use the SEMEN TEST KIT.
this semen test kit let any suspicious woman play CSI detective. Just dab the solution anywhere you think your man may left some 'evidence' and if the spot turns purple within 15 sec, you will know he has done something real wrong to you!! ... interesting huh?? hahah...

For more information bout the book... just buy it!!!! its only rm19.90 per book... affordable & the book where girls should not be missed.... :P enjoy!