Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ladies Night!! Free Beers for the ladies...

Rae & yokey the birthday girls... oopss.. no longer girls.. they are young ladies

We went to Rae's new 3 storey high house for her & Yokey's Belated birthday...I was expecting around 15 people from our ex class- 5 Sci 1 year 2006 but in the end... 1,2,3,4,5,6.... n 7! So 7 all together.. Rae told me that she will be inviting the whole class but i guess she forgot to invite some of our friends and i know she didnt mean it... just blame on her carelessness alright? she really wanted to invite all of them... We did have great fun there but rae refused to bbq the chicken for me and pauline.. chech... rae... u suppose to serve us ok?? ur house mar... haha. Anyway thanks a lot for the food!! :P

We toured around her brand new house and i took some pics of her house! it was a very well furnished with all the latest housing designs...

This one is designed by Miss Rae... good job!

Rae's bed room... how i wish i could have this room!!

This is where she puts place her necklaces & ear rings.

Rae was so fascinated to show us her unique basin..hahah..indeed unique!

Ermm..F.B.I- Female Body Inspector?? Nah.... more to Fashion Body Inspector.

We went into Rae's bro's bedroom too.. look what we found in there!!
The 7 Dwarf!s!

He kissed me!! awww..... :P

Erdiana, me n yokey!

you wonder why are 3 of them laughing??

Rae: That guy broke up with me... u know what is the reason? He said... if I were to be with you, i can only study in Local University but if i broke up with you i can go to overseas to study... my mom made that decision for me...

All of us: what???????????????? Are you serious??? hahahaahahahahahhaha. we really LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

I was like.... 'w-t-f'...zzzzzzz. Cant tat guy make his own decision as he is already 18 years old. I mean its not wrong for him to break up with her and chose his studies over his love life... but according to the law... by the age of 18, one is free to make his own decision including which religion they want to be in.... he cant be always be his mom lil boy....Even all his clothes he wore to coll everyday were choosen by his mom... wah.... *speechles*

This is what happens if you didnt know how to choose ur own future...................

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The pros of having David Cook as your Friend....
1. He knows how to sing very well, like his husky & rock voice
2.He knows how to play guitar!
3.He knows how to flair at the bar!
4.He even knows how to SMILE handsomely!
5.He is the AMERICAN IDOL 08


While for this guy.... its good to be his friend because.... :
1.He is damn Gd Looking!
2.He is the prince ... but in the movie lar..
3.He knows how to act!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Exams over... pressure over.... Revolution time!!! revolution in... playing @ wet. haha....
Keep on thinking of the plans each day... cause i cant sit at home right now!!! feel like going out....exams was like..ages... 1 whole month. So its time to let my hair off right now!!!

Activities for the 2 weeks includes...:
1. Movies!!! is a-must to watch
2. Birthday Parties coming up soon!
3.Badminton outing with friends
4.Hang out with GIm Yen n rou rou... Miss them so much!! didnt see them for almost a year
5.Shopping! a girl's dream land!!
6.TUITION..... 'terpaksa' :(
8.Oh yea.. even audition for drama play.. i will be doing the singing part not the acting.. my acting sucks.. that is why i cant be known as 'drama Queen'
9.Visiting relatives at else where...
10. EAT, EAT & EAT!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bangkok Trip

After coming back from Bangkok....and finally reached Penang.. All i can say is 'wah'.... 'wah.... so damn different from Penang!' The way Bangkok citizen dress up, the way the greet you, the way the taxi drivers drive and also the way they treat their King. Totally different from Penang... oh yea.. not forgetting bout another difference... which is Guys can go their to 'Bang' -'Cock' in bangkok haha but in Penang kinda difficult here.

LEts talk bout the taxi driver in Bangkok...

One word to describe them-----> PRO-MAN..........
The drive very fast and they follow very close to other vehicles... but still they are professional.... and uhm... they are more polite in driving compare to the taxi driv
ers in Penang.

Taxi driver: What kind of smell is that?
The taxi driver was looking at me......and i gave an innocent look....not knowing what was going on...
Taxi driver: didnt you see that sign?
He pointed his index finger to the sticker in front of the passenger seat.
Pinyin: oopss...sorry sir..i didnt know i was not ALLOWED to Fart here....

A tv in the taxi!! huiyo.. where can i ever get this in penang??

Massage time!!!! This was my first ever experience of getting this painful massage!! A round of applause to the auntie who used all her energy trying to get me scream on the top of my lungs.haha.. u will understand wat i say when u see this...

Oopss.. post the wrong is obviously not me

Pork!!! u can find Mc Donald pork burger here as well... not in Malaysia of course.. tat is the huge difference... haha... and also Maggie Mi with Pork... Tu bak!!

This temple was built very long time ago.. but i forgot what is the name of the temple. but its some where at Athuthaya.

We were at Pang Chang Ayothaya.

They really do have super clean toilets... anywhere we went, the toilets are up to standard. this one had even won the prize for the title of 'toilet of the year' in year 2004. There were not 'SHIT' sticking out from the toilet bowl or there were not even a stain at the walls....not like the ones in Penang... so shameful of us... sigh...

This place is called' Erawan Museum', situated at Samut Prakan Province.This 3 headed elephant sculpture is gigantic. The hight of the elephant is 29m, the width of the elephant is 12m. The weight of the elephant' body is 150 tons.... wow.!!

The view inside the elephant sculpture.

Holy water!!!

With my bro... 'pa lok ki!!' slap u!! in hokkien.. hahaaha...

Friday, May 16, 2008


THOMAS CUP tournament is a tournament where everyone is waiting for ages to catch it live....SOme of the uncles even went back earlier from their work just to watch our very own national number one shuttler, lee chong wei. I was indeed surprise that he put a good fight against Lindan from China for the semis today. He won straight sets! Bravo!! The way he played was tremendously well. Dont 'pray pray ar...' Sorry, Chong Wei for under estimating you.. hehe. It was a great start for the other malaysian players but our doubles <KooKienKiet & TanBoonHeong> let our nation down.We expected them to win that games instead, KKK made so much errors and even try to be 'super hero', making his fave moves or you can call that as 'stunts'. I was practically annoyed by his STUPID MISTAKES. We had missed out the precious point to move us into the finals. ARRRgh!!!

2nd single <Wong Choong Hann>.... expecte
d to lose to Bao Chunlai due to his injury and inconsistency.So i didnt feel that upset about it... Maybe he should be thinking of retiring soon.

2nd doubles <Fairuz & Zakri> played unexpectedly well. Whats wrong with the predictions? They were at their top forms to play against china pair. Although the malaysian pair do not have much experiences, they had the good attitude which is the fighting spirit. Well Done. Bright future for you both!

So we were on the tie with china for winning 2 games.... 2-2. The deciding game was Hafiz VS Chen Jin.

Seriously Hafiz really need to back up.... The style he not up to the standard... Plus he did not have the fighting spirit and he seemed to be so lost in the court. Chen jin was obviously controlling the game forcing Hafiz to do more mistakes.... Hafiz lost straight sets...

We had waited this for 2 years and yet they still bring us down...It is the tournament which all of us wanted to see
the most and it only happen once in 2 years.....when will malaysia be able to win the cup back???????

U better read this Hafiz n KKK, I even stopped studying sejarah just to catch you guys play... N look what have u all done??

I also stopped playing my guitar just to watch u better be feeling sorry for me.haha

In the end... i was stuck in front of the is it a good thing or not??

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Its a day where we are given the opportunities to show some appreciations towards her. She was the one who had spent most of her quality time to nurture and gave us the proper guidances to make us who we are today. Without her, there will be definitely no us She had endured all the difficulties to brought us up and had given her best for us. I remember those times when i was still a kid, asking my mom to buy colour pencils for me and when my mom refused to buy one because i already had one, i stamped my foot. As i grow up, we share lots of things together . I am totally not worry bout her spreading the things i told her because i knew that she will be my safest secret keeper ever i could find.... to be continued... i feel like sleeping now. hahaah. will continue this piece of work later.... :P chaoz..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wah.... finally have the time to update my blog!!! i was very busy the for the past few weeks... preparing for exams.. n to limsingghee & tehteongphei.... i am not the 'mask' as u both have said. *wink* We finished our 3rd paper for this week. We still have 5 papers to go.... how long will it take???????????? *sigh*

Few weeks before our mid-term, our r
ed crescent society had to organize a one day leadership camp 'Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader' on the 12th of April 2008!! I would like to say a million times of thank you to my fellow committee members for giving out their best for tat camp and also for the co-operation!! I really did had lots fun during all the meetings before the camps..... because we united as one!! hahaah... take a look at the pics!! oh yea.. and not forgetting those who have supported us too... xie xie ni!!


The committee members!!!

ermmm... 'retarded like' face?? it worked out quite well....haha

After the camp---- we had a lil farewell for our good friend who will be studying at KL. She is none other than ----> Yeap Hwei Zhen lor.... take a look at the pics we took. Take care Zhen Zhen. :P

All of us....but without sing rou,gimyen n michele. :(
Left to right: pinyin,Lynette,Ping, Pauline, Hwei Zhen & Fern

l eng lui mar?? haha

Lynette & Zhen

What are they trying to do???

her name suits her well

One last group pic b4 leaving the nite!!