Monday, May 26, 2008

Bangkok Trip

After coming back from Bangkok....and finally reached Penang.. All i can say is 'wah'.... 'wah.... so damn different from Penang!' The way Bangkok citizen dress up, the way the greet you, the way the taxi drivers drive and also the way they treat their King. Totally different from Penang... oh yea.. not forgetting bout another difference... which is Guys can go their to 'Bang' -'Cock' in bangkok haha but in Penang kinda difficult here.

LEts talk bout the taxi driver in Bangkok...

One word to describe them-----> PRO-MAN..........
The drive very fast and they follow very close to other vehicles... but still they are professional.... and uhm... they are more polite in driving compare to the taxi driv
ers in Penang.

Taxi driver: What kind of smell is that?
The taxi driver was looking at me......and i gave an innocent look....not knowing what was going on...
Taxi driver: didnt you see that sign?
He pointed his index finger to the sticker in front of the passenger seat.
Pinyin: oopss...sorry sir..i didnt know i was not ALLOWED to Fart here....

A tv in the taxi!! huiyo.. where can i ever get this in penang??

Massage time!!!! This was my first ever experience of getting this painful massage!! A round of applause to the auntie who used all her energy trying to get me scream on the top of my lungs.haha.. u will understand wat i say when u see this...

Oopss.. post the wrong is obviously not me

Pork!!! u can find Mc Donald pork burger here as well... not in Malaysia of course.. tat is the huge difference... haha... and also Maggie Mi with Pork... Tu bak!!

This temple was built very long time ago.. but i forgot what is the name of the temple. but its some where at Athuthaya.

We were at Pang Chang Ayothaya.

They really do have super clean toilets... anywhere we went, the toilets are up to standard. this one had even won the prize for the title of 'toilet of the year' in year 2004. There were not 'SHIT' sticking out from the toilet bowl or there were not even a stain at the walls....not like the ones in Penang... so shameful of us... sigh...

This place is called' Erawan Museum', situated at Samut Prakan Province.This 3 headed elephant sculpture is gigantic. The hight of the elephant is 29m, the width of the elephant is 12m. The weight of the elephant' body is 150 tons.... wow.!!

The view inside the elephant sculpture.

Holy water!!!

With my bro... 'pa lok ki!!' slap u!! in hokkien.. hahaaha...

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