Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ladies Night!! Free Beers for the ladies...

Rae & yokey the birthday girls... oopss.. no longer girls.. they are young ladies

We went to Rae's new 3 storey high house for her & Yokey's Belated birthday...I was expecting around 15 people from our ex class- 5 Sci 1 year 2006 but in the end... 1,2,3,4,5,6.... n 7! So 7 all together.. Rae told me that she will be inviting the whole class but i guess she forgot to invite some of our friends and i know she didnt mean it... just blame on her carelessness alright? she really wanted to invite all of them... We did have great fun there but rae refused to bbq the chicken for me and pauline.. chech... rae... u suppose to serve us ok?? ur house mar... haha. Anyway thanks a lot for the food!! :P

We toured around her brand new house and i took some pics of her house! it was a very well furnished with all the latest housing designs...

This one is designed by Miss Rae... good job!

Rae's bed room... how i wish i could have this room!!

This is where she puts place her necklaces & ear rings.

Rae was so fascinated to show us her unique basin..hahah..indeed unique!

Ermm..F.B.I- Female Body Inspector?? Nah.... more to Fashion Body Inspector.

We went into Rae's bro's bedroom too.. look what we found in there!!
The 7 Dwarf!s!

He kissed me!! awww..... :P

Erdiana, me n yokey!

you wonder why are 3 of them laughing??

Rae: That guy broke up with me... u know what is the reason? He said... if I were to be with you, i can only study in Local University but if i broke up with you i can go to overseas to study... my mom made that decision for me...

All of us: what???????????????? Are you serious??? hahahaahahahahahhaha. we really LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

I was like.... 'w-t-f'...zzzzzzz. Cant tat guy make his own decision as he is already 18 years old. I mean its not wrong for him to break up with her and chose his studies over his love life... but according to the law... by the age of 18, one is free to make his own decision including which religion they want to be in.... he cant be always be his mom lil boy....Even all his clothes he wore to coll everyday were choosen by his mom... wah.... *speechles*

This is what happens if you didnt know how to choose ur own future...................

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