Friday, May 16, 2008


THOMAS CUP tournament is a tournament where everyone is waiting for ages to catch it live....SOme of the uncles even went back earlier from their work just to watch our very own national number one shuttler, lee chong wei. I was indeed surprise that he put a good fight against Lindan from China for the semis today. He won straight sets! Bravo!! The way he played was tremendously well. Dont 'pray pray ar...' Sorry, Chong Wei for under estimating you.. hehe. It was a great start for the other malaysian players but our doubles <KooKienKiet & TanBoonHeong> let our nation down.We expected them to win that games instead, KKK made so much errors and even try to be 'super hero', making his fave moves or you can call that as 'stunts'. I was practically annoyed by his STUPID MISTAKES. We had missed out the precious point to move us into the finals. ARRRgh!!!

2nd single <Wong Choong Hann>.... expecte
d to lose to Bao Chunlai due to his injury and inconsistency.So i didnt feel that upset about it... Maybe he should be thinking of retiring soon.

2nd doubles <Fairuz & Zakri> played unexpectedly well. Whats wrong with the predictions? They were at their top forms to play against china pair. Although the malaysian pair do not have much experiences, they had the good attitude which is the fighting spirit. Well Done. Bright future for you both!

So we were on the tie with china for winning 2 games.... 2-2. The deciding game was Hafiz VS Chen Jin.

Seriously Hafiz really need to back up.... The style he not up to the standard... Plus he did not have the fighting spirit and he seemed to be so lost in the court. Chen jin was obviously controlling the game forcing Hafiz to do more mistakes.... Hafiz lost straight sets...

We had waited this for 2 years and yet they still bring us down...It is the tournament which all of us wanted to see
the most and it only happen once in 2 years.....when will malaysia be able to win the cup back???????

U better read this Hafiz n KKK, I even stopped studying sejarah just to catch you guys play... N look what have u all done??

I also stopped playing my guitar just to watch u better be feeling sorry for me.haha

In the end... i was stuck in front of the is it a good thing or not??


Tiang Chuan said...

it felt good to watch chong wei took control n sealed the match :) he has been trying hard to beat that chinese fella with spiky hair, dunno from which cheering not stop....straight sets victory will inspire him to win an olympic medal :) great....

KenZiK said...

No, Malaysia's mistake ! The coach suppose not let the 1st double went for the match ! They are defitely in deeply moodless, and formless.....a problems players shud not standing on the match

complicated said...

hahaha me too.. stuck on the d tv most of the time !!! lolx.. hahaha
ahya.. i was shock wen chong wei won but tan n koo lose.. damn! disapointed!