Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wah.... finally have the time to update my blog!!! i was very busy the for the past few weeks... preparing for exams.. n to limsingghee & tehteongphei.... i am not the 'mask' as u both have said. *wink* We finished our 3rd paper for this week. We still have 5 papers to go.... how long will it take???????????? *sigh*

Few weeks before our mid-term, our r
ed crescent society had to organize a one day leadership camp 'Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader' on the 12th of April 2008!! I would like to say a million times of thank you to my fellow committee members for giving out their best for tat camp and also for the co-operation!! I really did had lots fun during all the meetings before the camps..... because we united as one!! hahaah... take a look at the pics!! oh yea.. and not forgetting those who have supported us too... xie xie ni!!


The committee members!!!

ermmm... 'retarded like' face?? it worked out quite well....haha

After the camp---- we had a lil farewell for our good friend who will be studying at KL. She is none other than ----> Yeap Hwei Zhen lor.... take a look at the pics we took. Take care Zhen Zhen. :P

All of us....but without sing rou,gimyen n michele. :(
Left to right: pinyin,Lynette,Ping, Pauline, Hwei Zhen & Fern

l eng lui mar?? haha

Lynette & Zhen

What are they trying to do???

her name suits her well

One last group pic b4 leaving the nite!!

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