Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are the parents doing the correct decision?

Our world today, filled with material desires among us have influence us to make different choices. Choices which are made might be wrong & might not be the correct too...
I have come across this problem which my very close relative name 'lady', had to go through this.... its the relationship problem with both parties - the parents & her guy.
i was on the fence all the time it is not because i choose to be a 'good' person but it is because i personally do not know exactly what are happening between them.
I heard from others saying that, her parents..oh yea.. not only her parents.. almost the entire family members... mark my words.. it is ALMOST but not ALL, objected strongly her relationship with a guy.

1. The guy is too skinny- in short, he is not comparable with her as she is known as the angel of disguise
2. That guy's level of education - u all should know what i mean by that
3.The guy's job cannot promise a stable future for her

For your information... i did not even get the opportunity to have a look at that guy..not even a glance... so i do not know how the hell he looks like... all i can do i just picture him on my mind..

At first.... i thought well.. u know.. she should obey her parents' need and just leave the guy cause logical thinking.... you have known your dear parents for as old as you are now... but the guy... you only know for like approximately- 2 years... to me, you should choose ur parents over ur guy...

BUT later on... after witnessing all the PAIN my dear 'lady' have suffered.... i started to doubt what i have thought at first....she grew a lot thinner, there is no glow at her face at all... she is so glum...few words spoken from her...

Where have my 'lady' turned into??? a Zombie?? Where are her usual enthusiastic characters??
Where are her usual happy-so-lucky person?? Her talkative person??? where have they gone??
I sincerely feel very very very..... zillion times of sadness for her.....We grew up and had a great childhood together.... and all of a sudden... she has turned into someone which i dont even know her anymore... she is like a stranger to me now... i am really upset watching her this way...

So i am thinking right now..... are her parents and other family members doing the correct decision???

No offense..but dont you all think that the parents should at least give the guy to proof himself in his career wise... or maybe character before making conclusion about him??? Everyone deserves a chance... this is what i think

The parents might think that their decision was the best for her daughter and they did it because they want to protect their daughter & to make sure their daughter have a good future..... but instead of protecting their daughter.... is the out come n actually turn out to be the opposite???

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