Thursday, June 5, 2008

Conversation bOX

Conversation Box..... What arethe PRos & Cons of having a conversation box in our blog??

The PRos:

1. You get to chat with your friends and also making new friends out off your blog
2. You get to know what people think of your blog..
3.Well, basically most of the bloggers have that... so we just follow around... its a trend wat...

The Cons:
1. Friends will prefer to put their msgs at the conversation box then to leave their msgs at the comment box after each article.
2.There are some people with their itchy hands and also with their mischievous thinking will do something which I consider not appropriate - they tend to use other people's name other then theirs to put down their comments... telling lies bout everyone....
3. Continue from the above... its like... mis used of the conversation box...

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