Friday, June 27, 2008

Kennysia VS Xiaxue


So who do you prefer?? KennySia or Xiaxue??

The upper site of Kennysia:
1. He has great sense of humor
2.He is good at joking
3.He has a proper job if all of a sudden, people
got bored of him.
4. He has lots of creativity
5.He is damn talented
6.He is cute
7.He is humble
8.He is a Malaysian!

The upper site of Xiaxue:
1. She had all the ideas & creativity
2. She knows how to dress very well
3.She got the style
4.She has great sense of humor
5.She has a cute boyfriend - Mike
6.She has a nice girlish voice

The down side of Kennysia:

1.He does not have a great body like Rain.
You will know what i mean by looking at this picture below...

Wow... what a big contrast!!!!

The Down side of Xiaxue:

1. She likes to use the 'FUCK' word too many times!! and i find if very annoying
2.The word 'Chioness' which she loves to describe her things & also herself... makes me feel so eww....
3. She is kinda bitchy man.... the way she comments on certain stuff and people... of her posts... she wanted to find herself a new BFF- Best Friend Forever, trying to copy Paris Hilton.. yea... i forgot... both of them have similarity which i call it... 'BITCHY'
ok.. lets come straight to the point...she has application forms for those who want to be her BFF
One of the criteria is, the BFF must be not that UGLY.
what is that suppose to mean? as if she is DAMN pretty... please la..sendiri not that pretty but yet wanna choose her friends to not Ugly....she looks as if she is very the pretty because of the THICK make up she put on...

So in conclusion...... i prefer Kennysia in person than Xiaxue....

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