Monday, June 23, 2008

Mc Donald's Disaster

I ate the latest McD's banana sundae on Sunday,
It looked as if you would love to have it everyday,
When you took the first lick
You will decide not to choose it as your pick!!

Before i take my first lick on the ice cream.... it look like HEAVEN...
BUT when i started putting the tiny spoon into my mouth, arrrghhh!!!!!
it tasted like anti-biotic
you know when you were as young as 5 years old...the time you were sick and your mom took you to the clinic.... in the end the doctor prescribed you the medicine including the anti-biotic which you MUST finish it although you were alright then... tasted exactly like anti-biotic. imagine you are happy at that moment and wanted to try the latest banana sundae and after you started tasting it... it made you feel as if u were SICK again.... it was as if you were force to finish up the anti-biotic by hook or by crook....

I did not want to waste my RM3.50, so i just FORCE the remaining into my mouth....
How could they came out with this idea???? It is Mc Donald u know....with millions of franchises in the whole world...and this is what they have got????

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