Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd Part of Hong Han Xiang

The last post i have written about the details of what it happened, all those details were from HanXiang's friends. However, i do not think all those are 100% the truth. Today at school, one of my friend went to HanXiang's wake ceremony and was told by HanXiang's mom bout the incident.

So, this was what happened:

According to HX's mom, he was knocked down by a Proton Perdana not Proton Waja. From the chinese newspaper, it stated Proton Waja. I will explain why his mom knew it is Proton Perdana later on. The incident occurred around 2am and he was not send to the hospital by that idiot driver and he was sent to the hospital at 3am by someone else. Anyhow, he still suffered in a very hush situation because his head and leg were bleeding profusely. He was admitted to ICU and his parents were informed by the police approximately 630am. As his family were rushing to the hospital, the bad news was... they did not have the chance to even see him alive for the last time. It was too late. HX was not even given by a chance to look at his family members before his last breath. Think about it again.... here goes my theory... although he was sent to the hospital at 3am which was one hour after the accident, but within the 1 hour, his had lost a very big amount of blood..who can bear that??? not even a huge beast man..... If the driver, made up his mind to stop his vehicle and stepped down to hand him a helping hand, the situation will be different now... maybe we wont be attending his funeral today..... This shows how irresponsible the driver is...

Ok...lets come to the Proton Perdana thing.... It was extremely coincident that, that wicked driver sent his car for a repair... and it happened to be Hanxiang's uncle's shop... It looks like, even God wants the whole world to know bout the truth behind it. The no. plate on the car was broken into some pieces and some of them were left lying on the road where the accident took place. His uncle was suspicious about the missing pieces on the car, so he took the few pieces and tried to put them back into ONE piece.... guess what.... they M.A.T.C.H!! This is how the 'killer' is revealed. That filthy maggot phone HX's mom to tell her that he, himself was not in the wrong. It was HX who disobeyed the rules... how true it is... i do not know. He even came to the wake ceremony.... i bet remorse was in that driver's 'body'... thats why he came. I hope he will be punished for not stopping to help HX when he needed him the most... the most crucial time... My school teacher went to HX's funeral today....and the way she described how HX's girl friend cried.... my heart seemed torn apart....My advice to u guys... THINK BEFORE U ACT, YOUR ACTION COUNTS.

This was taken from the chinese news paper.

R.I.P, HanXiang..... Your 1 month presence at our school... had actually made lots of different.
It is nice to meet someone like u although it only last for few weeks. :)
have a look at his friendster http://profiles.friendster.com/haloxiang


complicated said...

well i would like to add somethin about this part :
"That filthy maggot phone HX's mom to tell her that he, himself was not in the wrong. It was HX who disobeyed the rules.."

It might b true or not, im not true. but PERHAPS if its reli HX fault for obeying the rules, no matter how the driver should jus stop the car n cum down to hv a look on him. he shouldnt have go n leave him behind.
wen i saw the paper about the acident, i can c that the motor chicle (belong to HX) was in a bad situation.
meaning, it was a serious accident aft all. the driver should know n do somthing bout it, instead of runing away like a "chicken" .

if only the driver is responsible enuf to send him to the hospital, den the story might b ending up difrently by now.

finally, condolences to his family!


complicated said...

to everyone out der..

wen an accident hapened, no matter who's rite or wrong, by rite we should b responsible enuf to stop our vehicle n check on the victims. by doin so, we might save someone's life even though we might b a stranger to them.

Weih said...

im a buddy of his from high school... same class etc...
i never manage to attend his funeral... having exams tomorrow and all of a sudden remembered him... googled out and it lead me here...