Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bangkok 'Pig'..translate it to 'Hokkien'

Here are some pics taken during my Bangkok trip... yea.. i know it was like few months ago...haha... i just got the pics from my bro's laptop..finally!!

In the taxi. I was very fascinated with the money sticking on the top of the roof.can u spot our ringgit msia?

At the Bangkok's air port

Siam Paragon's cinema.U can see how comfortable the chairs are and how spacious the place.One person needs to pay just RM15 to get into this place. I salute them!

All of u think that Thai's Tom Yam is damn spicy but honestly, this did not taste spicy at all.

At Siam Paragon Shopping Complex.Nice car but had already owned by someone.

Ever wonder why we sit on the floor? You think we r the super car models meh?? we are not allowed to touch the car..that is why, we chose to sit..pity..

Another superb one..i am not so into cars. I think it is very obvious...cause i dun even know the name of this car!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.......

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