Monday, July 14, 2008

Continuation of 'What have i done?'

So on Sunday, while still waiting for my family members to come back from genting, these were the things i have done from the morning till they reach home... I did my work in the morning and i went to Penang Kaikan- SGM centre for the young women day.

Before that, i cooked again!!!! Look what i have cooked... wah. i feel so proud man...i know i might sound SS - Syok sendiri but this is to make me happy!

Mixed vegetables with tomato sos... haha.. i created this.

Fried eggs with prawns.

erm.. i know this looks a lil bit disgusting.haha.. it is called the beet root with mayo or can combined all the 3 to become- be-ro-mayo

Soup- i do not know what are the orangie thing but i know there were some red dates

Since the petrol price has increased so much till it even affect the food we should cook at home than buying outside. 3 simple dishes only take up approximately 20 minutes...and it is cheaper too!! you can get those vegetables, prawn, eggs not more than RM6.

The theme of the day was 'you are the eternal beauty'. Experience speakers gave us the remedies to become a 'forever beauty'. Firstly, we must learn how to beautify our 5 Organ which i call them our senses, they are our eyes, nose, ear, mouth and our mind. In this realistic world, being a good looking person is indeed important to us, the way we dress, the way we present ourselves at public etc. Yet, internal beauty must not be overviewed too...cause internal beauty is the one which will be together with us as we aged....totally agree!!

Went to tuition from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. My sis asked me whether i want to watch 'Hellboy' together with our friends but i refused as i was very tired and i wanted to be at home la.... aiks...

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