Monday, July 28, 2008

Detention or Attention??

We had to attend the detention after school just now for punishing us for not coming to school on last Saturday. We were divided according to our ages... lower forms gathered at the physic labs and classes while the form 6 assembled at the library. This is the 1st time experiencing detention class... One question, is it suppose to be detention or attention?? Attention in this text means, paying attention on what we were doing and not getting any REAL punishments. There were couples having very affectionate conversation with each other, some were busy gossiping, few were trying their best to finish their work etc..... BUT i should be thankful that the school teachers did not give us the instructions to clean the toilet... lol....

Below is the class page which will be printed on our sch mag...designed by our classmate, Pei Shan... i think the pictures are lil tiny.. so i think u all better click to magnify it.. chaoz!! n good day.


prince1z said...

You guys and girls looked good and great in this art work by Shan Phei.
Cheers and here's to more of you all.
May you all enter the university of your choice and to do the course that you like.
Just get a degree.

prince1z said...

It's Pei shan