Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good & Bad stuff

The good stuff-ES for today are: 1. I FINALLY got to read Harry Potter 7th book - The Deathly Hollows. Thanks to Kenny!! hahaah...I was so ecstatic & very much delighted when Kenny agreed to lend me his copy!! i jumped with happiness and could not stop smiling to myself... only God knows how happy i was. I know i sounded like a lil kid when her mom granted her wish to take her to play at the park!

The Goblet of Fire- 1 of my HP collections

The Order of Phoenix-1 of my collections too!

The Half Blood Prince- My Collection

The Deathly Hallows-Belongs to Kenny Ng.You will be able to see a bookmark there.he asked me not to take it out. lol

The 4 of them.I have the 2nd book but i think i must have miss-placed it somewhere.

2. Eeping got a Band 4 in her MUET-Malaysia University English Test! Congrats and her marks is actually quite near to Band5!! Bravo!

bad stuff-Es are:

1. I DO-NOT-LIKE... and i SERIOUSLY DO-NOT-LIKE, people telling me what the things i have already know what to do. I am not talking bout my mom of course... i don't mind her telling me the things i have known and i respect her a lot. I am obviously talking bout those who like to act as if they are my moms...I do need so many MamaS. Once or twice of ur actions are 'quite' tolerable but if you were to exceed the limit it will be DAMN excruciating!! And not to forget, ANNOYING!! you can picture this.... for example: a person always keep on reminding you to be a gooooooood personnnnn everytime they meet you, when you are already a good dude.....don't they have any other better things to say? I am just being polite to not state my mind out to that person because i respect that person.... and i just cant tolerate it any longer man... I used to enjoy talking to you but now i enjoy avoiding you... because you are too extreme.

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