Friday, July 25, 2008

Its a FLYday Fever!!!

I was quite surprise that YongChin remember to save all the pics taken last few days and also last year in my pen drive and brought to school today. hahaha.. thanks to him!! But before i post up the pics i just wanna share with u guys what we did during our Buddhist Youth Circle club today at school. One of my committee members suggested that we should hold a praying session for Hanxiang so i agreed. I was very pleased and touched to see quite a number of HanXiang friends came to attend the chanting session..The reasons behind the chanting session are to enable HX to be peaceful, able to let go of everything on this earth, also to face the truth that he is already dead and the most important thing is to make him happy....By happiness, he would go to a better place perhaps one of the heavens. These are what we Buddhist believe... and my teacher, Pn.Fong suggested that we hold another 2 session prayers for him which will be dated next fri and the following friday...Ever wonder why i put this article title as 'FLYday'? To me, FLYday means on the Friday which i personally had done something very meaningful & significant for HanXiang...The word FLY = Happiness + Contented. So any of you who are from MBS reading this blog right now... you are most welcome to join us next fri from 1230pm to 1.30pm at 5 Sc.. :)

Have fun looking at these pics as we really had fun taking photos... haha.

Candid shot.

Sitting-left to right: Kenny, KehJun,YongChin, Mr.Ariff, Mr.Khor,Pn.sarojini, Me, Xuewen
Standing-left to right: Jocelyne,Mengwai,Michelle,Chester,Danny,SingGhee,HoayPing,ShaeFang,HooiPeng.

Dont seem to be ready.... The building is called- the Suffolk Home where Francis Light stayed there more than hundred years ago

The committee members with our teacher advisor..Pn.Sarojini

from left to right: Kenny, Pinyin & Yam Chin.:P

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