Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No More Prom???

This is the last year schooling as form6 students and we should at least have the best Graduation Nite at the HOTEL... not at the sch.Imagine we dress to kill and try to look great on that nite... and we are actually heading to our school....not the HOTEL... the school hall without air-conditioner. We will be so sweaty and wont be having a good time there. The previous seniors had their Graduation nite at the HOTEl and this year... is this what we got???? So unfair man....We should be given the priority before anyone or anything in the school..... Luckily we did not buy our dresses yet or else we will be so damn piss off. Now we are so disappointed with the Committee members for making our graduation nite a nightmare!! It should be on the 25th of July and look at the date today..its already the 1st of July and they have yet to tell us bout the Graduation nite... no news from them at all.. Don't they ever feel embarrass for their in-efficiency on doing they job?? its only a prom nite....why cant they do it a proper one for we seniors????

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