Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The past few days was pretty dramatic and full of sorrows...Things are a lil slow today and students are in the proocess of pulling themselves together after the bad news. We had the photo taking session and i got to admit it was quite fun..i will post them after i got the pics from YongChin...and i hope it wont take ages!! During our MUET lesson, Mr.Roger gave us an interesting assignment to do which was to listen to the lyrics of a song... i can't really remember the title of the song..it goes something like... 'I will do it for you' by Bryan Adams. The song has a very beautiful melody with Bryan's husky voice. It would be more fascinating if Mr.Roger chose a more up-to-date song..perhaps Low?? or Jesse Mccartney-Living...or maybe something more sexier like Buttons by Pussycat Dolls..?? hahaha... Imagine us filling in the blanks of the missing lyrics of the song 'button'... it goes something like that...

I'm telling you loosen up my buttons baby,Uh huh
But you keep fronting
Saying what you going do to me
But I ain't seen nothing

You've been saying all the right things all night long
But I can't seem to get you over here to help take this off
Baby, can't you see?
How these clothes are fitting on me
And the heat coming from this beat
I'm about to blow
I don't think you know

Those lyrics will make one of our classmate who is full of lust...Christopher...fly to the top of the skies...hhahaha. jk man..

Last lesson of the day is Business taught by Pn.Sabariah... while waiting for her to enter the class, we gave each other riddles to guess. The answer given by Chris was indeed 'dirty' but never forget to mention... entertaining too... lol..

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