Friday, July 18, 2008

Say Tak Nak to Chewing Gum!!

I was damn disgusted when i accidentally stepped on the Filthy, Sickening, Horrible, Terrible, awful, 'blackie' chewing gum!!! eeeewwww!!! Who on earth would want to experience this 'eewie' sensation....It was such a big mistake to wear sandals to TESCO just now. That dirty & already been chewed chewing gum got stuck at my toe!! So sorry that i sweared loudly. Just could not help it as i was so damn pissed off. I was having a hard time to take out the sticky 'eeewie' chewing gum from my toe. Who was that idiotic person who did not even put on his / her tinking cap before just dispose their 'unwanted' stuff on the floor??? Stupiak...... Now i 100% support the Singapore Government for banding chewing gum. I hope the Malaysian government should do the same thing....

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