Saturday, July 5, 2008

This time i am going to write something bout my class teacher- Madam Loo Cheng Hoon.
We, u6A3 is so so fortunate to have her as our class teacher for 1 and half year. Honestly speaking, in 11 years of schooling, this is the 1st time God have given me a teacher sent from heaven. I really appreciate what she did for us. Her actions showed us that she cares for us not only as her students but also as her children. She does not only teachers us Economics but she also passes down her knowledge and gives us advices which are more valuable than anything in the world.

When we were in difficult times, she was always there to gives us her helping hands. I remember very clearly when my dad left me, she gave me words of encouragement to strengthen my will and asked me not to give up on my studies. All the words she have spoken to me, really touched my heart deeply. I could see through her eyes that she meant every words she said. That had actually made me want to hug her so tightly as a sign of appreciation to me. I got to admit at times her econs lessons were a lil boring.. haha... but she did put a lot of efforts teaching us. She is the most dedicated teacher i have ever known....I would like to say a big thank you for everything you have done to us.... arrigato!!

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