Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ways to be successful in life

I learn this from my PA tuition sir- Mr.Ng. He said the most important things we should do in order to be successful in our studies, career, love relationships, family, friends and more are:


These 4 words can apply in most of the things we do daily, the things we want to achieve too.
He said, before we start doing our job, we must observe how the successful people do their things.We must always listen to what people say, not only hear... we must listen carefully and learn.The 3rd is to think....after we observed, we must put on our thinking cap. Think deeply and rationally whether we are heading towards the correct paths. The last is action. What we think, we should do to get what we want, to pursue of dreams..... All the things Mr.Ng taught us including these 4 words are very logical to me and he is a very dedicated teacher.

He does not only teaches us PA but he gives us the inspirations, the motivations to strive forward and to make us focus our goals...I really enjoy his lessons. He always gives each of us the encouragements and reminds us dont ever give up!!!he said, 'Every hardship we face today, will determine how strong we are tomorrow'. Never give up.

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Jin said...

wow.... :D ur teacher sure gives gud advice!!! anyway, HEY YA!!!