Thursday, July 10, 2008

We got an idea just now at school! There is a guy in my class named- Teh Teong Phei. Basically there are lots and lots of girls gone really crazy and insanely in love with him..I do not know why the girls love him so much as i think i see him everyday and my 'ultiliti sut' has gone tremendously down towards him...haha. Since the girls like him so much... ee ping and me came out with this idea to design a friendster user called

'teongphei's fan club'!

Under the hobbies & interests- these are all his favourites:Pep si ko la, Ice man, Play london bridge, Hide-and-seek, not forgetting taking people's stuff and hide them!!

Favourite Music: Ai-mei, F4,

About me: This is not the real teongphei but this user has been created to let my fans to know me better! My profiles in here are just a tiny bit about myself.. so u all should add me if u really want to know the real me!! I am an exciting man with colourful personalities...

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