Saturday, July 12, 2008

What have i done?

My mom & my brothers together with my cousins & aunts went to Genting yesterday without me....sob sob... They will only be back tomorrow evening i guess... I got to be Home- alone.....ermm not really home alone la..i still have my sis and my dog - maxie with me!! still the house is so quiet and in deep serenity which is so unusual to me. Studying at this time is the best but i cant just sit down for more than 12 hours here are some pictures taken showed that what have i done from the morning till now!!

I woke up at 5.20am today. Damn early huh? i need to go the MBMC- Malaysia Buddhist Meditation Centre to help out at the kitchen and also to help to serve the monks there. I go there to help out every second saturday of the month.If anyone of you want to join us, you are very welcome to do so.

Reached my home sweet home at 8am. Study History- mr.yee lar... issh... What Bani Umaiyah... if i did not study that chapter before hand, i will have to see the 'sub set' draw by mr.yee again..
I dosed off in the middle of my studying journey... woke up at 11am!! hahahaa...

I got so bored with my history i started to 'kacau' / disturb/ pester my dog..i put her into the cpu brown box and took pictures of her... she was so scared of falling down as the box is so tiny for her! i kept on laughing and she was struggling to find ways to get out from that scary box..

At 11.30am- its time for me to be the chef! i cook ok.... haha... yea i know.. it sounds terribly unbelieable..Look what i have cooked!

Mixed vegetables

Fried egg with onions

At 2.30pm we watched "wanted" at Gurney Plaza...Reached home around 6pm...

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