Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ever wonder how mooncakes are made?

A lot of my friends have asked me how moon cakes are actually made? My family members have been making moon cakes or will be known as - Guek Pia or Tong Chiu Pia in hokkien even before i was born. So this year i have decided to take some pics to show all of u how moon cakes are made... Making moon cakes is atually quite time consuming but when i can taste my own home made mooncakes it just make things worth it. haha.

According to the legend, the moon cakes were created during the war time at China. One of the messenger wanted to send the important msg to the Emperor but due to the securities everywhere, they were not able to do so. They have came up with an idea. One of them suggested to bake a moon cake and put the msg written in a piece of paper inside the mooncake. The moon cake was passed to the emperor and the emperor cut it..... he saw the msg. This is how the moon cake comes out and thanks to their we can get to eat Tong Chiu Pia or else we would not have known what the hell is Moon Cakes and how they taste like... taste like heaven... haha.

After mixing the ingredients, we will make it into a ball- like- shape. Those in the pics are the red bean.

The pasty-the one in brown.

We will take the pasty cover it onto the red beans.

And after that process, the pasty and the red bean will be placed in the mould.

This is how it looks like when we stuff both of the red bean covered with the pasty in the mould.

Ta dah!!!! the moon cake.

Moon cakes waiting to be baked in the oven.

We will bake them for around 20 mins. and we will have the moon cakes ready to be eaten by me!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to the world of Blogging!

Sing Rou & Ai Fern had just started blogging! yay!! I have been asking Rou to start blogging ever since she came back during her summer holidays.. The upper side of her blogging to us is that we can know what is happening at Texas without me saying 'hi! how is everything at texas now?' in MSN everytime! Perhaps Gimyen should have also create one by now! Even Elizabeth has one blog of her own.. updatting us bout the most eye catching event of all---> its the ballroom dancing.. See.. that is why i always encourage friends from overseas to have a blog so that i wont bug them bout what is happening at their place...:P take care guys!

Penang Open Finals.

Today is the Penang Open 2008. I didnt plan at all to watch the finals as i need to attend our school Red Crescent Society seniors farewell at school....until the last min i asked my mom whether she could fetch me to Bukit Dumbar and she agreed. I didnt want to trouble her so much because she will be busy preparing the MoonCake ingredients.. yea.. we are making moon cakes later in the evening and also tmr!! yay!! I did drop by at sch to spend sometime with my friends... and i joint in the volleyball balloon games....

I reached Bukit Dumbar around 11.45am and i messaged Mr.Roger, my MUET sir to come and watch and he did. This is the 1st time i have witnessed 2 professional pairs playing against each other.. the sensation is very far different compare to the ones i watched tru tv. The way Boon Heong smashed his opponent with full of power & strength and the 'showmanship' KKK showed caught my up most attention. The played 3 sets and as all of us have predicted... KKK & BoonHeong won over ChongMing & ChoonEng.. I managed to take some pics with the players... they were hanging everywhere and it was not very difficult to approach them...

The first pic of the day with Wee Keong.The upcoming doubles.

2nd pic with Roslin Hashim after he finished his game with his brother-Hafiz.He won. He actually looks better in real person than this one. He is also a very friendly guy.

Arrhhh....Arrogant player. I wonder why he could got the All England Title few years back. I agree with Mr.Roger bout his laziness..He was actually reluctant to take this pic with me...Like i did too...

The game starts!!! Black colour tshirt is boonheong and the green shirts are chong ming & choon eng

BoonHeong serving...

Prize giving ceremony.. Champion won Rm4000 where else the runner up won RM2000.Not much money....

Roslin and me!!

Last pic of the day taken with KKK...Oh yea..KientKeat, i finally found one guy with more shitter attitude then u...he is Hafiz... :P His towel is very wet....eeww....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay!! Bingo!

With the Proton promoters.haha. They are actually the lines men for this badminton competition. From left: Kevin, Santha and Ben. yea.. i know i am wearing my sch uniform. When i was talking to the guys..many people walked pass us..eyeing me.. ermm i don't think they look at me because of my look,... is it weird to wear uniform to the stadium actually? haha.i felt kinda awkward when ppl looking at me when they passed..

Yay number 1...with Chew Choon Eng. He was once the national doubles player.Penang kaki lai..

Yay Number 2!. With Chan Chong Ming. He partnered Choon Eng. I didnt knw he can speak 'hokkien'.

Yay number 3!. with Fariz... i think his name is Fariz.. if i am not mistaken..i always cant remember his name. He is the upcoming doubles player.

Yay number 4! With Gan Teik Chai. He is a very talkative person..could not stop kacauing ppl..he could speak hokkien too! I told him his hokkien accent kinda weird for me. haha

Yay number 5! with KKK! Great player, great smile from him but Attitude like shit. Who cares?? He still got thousands of fans waiting for him...

Save the best pic here!! yay the biggest!! With Tan Boon Heong!! wah..damn happy...he is such a sweet & cute guy..

KKK & TBH in action... they won straight sweat for them.... not challenging at all the game..

ChoonEng & ChongMing fighting to win the rubber set. Their opponents are very aggressive and tough... but one of the opponents fitness level not as good as them..that is why they could win... other wise both will give a half fight.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day Out with Miss Chan & Miss Janet.

I had lunch at Food Loft with my ex colleagues and also my friends and can be known as my 'big ' sisters la.. It had been ages since i last saw them. I think around 1 year already. They are still the same...still very friendly, talkative and also still having their own bubbly personalities. SayKun fetched me to gurney..thanks yea... she is the one with blur shirt. And Janet is on the left of the picture. She waited for us for more than half an hour at Gurney... but she still appeared ok..not with the sour expression. What to do... miss Chan very the busy.. she needs to finish doing the agreements before she could come out.. At least all of us did make some efforts to meet each other. :P

Left to right:Miss Janet & MissChan.

Me and Say Kun!!!

Me at the toilet..ahhaah..with Saykun..can u spot her?

Me with Janet!

SayKun: Hmmm... what do u actually want man???
Janet: Come on...lets go to the toilet together la....!!! ok mar??

Both of them!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why do some women have migraines before their period?

Some people including me, get migraines every month just before my period. At times, it is quite agonizing till i need to take panadol to be able to 'rest-in-peace'.haha. I know panadol have a lot of side effects and that is why now i try not to take them for the sake of my health. I read this article from the CLEO magazine bout me suffering the migraines once a month. This article stated that this migraine has got to do with the oestrogen. Part of our period cycle involves oestrogen levels to consistently rise followed by a quick dip as progesterone levels go up..ermm.. i was a lil blur with that statement.. but after reading is for several times... i got it a lil. yea.. slow brain. Si it is during this 'oestrogen windrawal' that we are most susceptible to a menstrual migraine..... At least for now i know the reason behind this migraine thing... :P So its good to share with you people.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


oh...i love, love and love this song so so much!!! the lyrics really mesmerized me. Take a look at the can sing along too cause it is the theme song of my blog for now. Read those beautiful words that i have bold them in blue. Maybe these all the words which the girls really want to hear from their love ones... :P

The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core

**But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you i'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may of failed
But I have loved you from the start

repeat **

So breathe in so deep
Breathe me in
I'm yours to keep
And hold onto your words
Cuz talk is cheap
And remember me tonight
When your asleep

repeat **

Is girlfriend more important or you own sister??

The story begins here. My eldest brother went to Bangkok for a holiday past few weeks. He bought me a so called 'souvenir'. It is called the 'toilet bowl sit-paper'. i name it myself. Dunno what the hell the Thai words mean which were written on the packet. This will come handy when our lady luck is not with us during our nature call. You know la... our malaysia toilets... sucks man... especially those toilet bowls. Some even have FOOT PRINTS on them... Pity me, i need to train my 'kungfu' steps when i am in the toilet. Half Squatting and half standing with both of my knees trembling like jelly. As all of u heard this proverb - Practise makes perfect'. Now i am near perfect, my legs not that wobbly anymore and i can do that 'kungfu' steps better! but now..with my bro's gift... i think i will have to retire from my 'kungfu' @ toilet kungfu.

The outside look.

This is how the thing looks when i open it up.its like the toilet bowl shape. this is where you put ur butt there.

These are the steps that you should do.

Oh yea.. before you scroll down. LEt me tell u another thing. My bro bought a very cute and girlish soft toys for his girlfriend from Bangkok. He palaced them on his bed i caught him! What would i say???

Pinyin: Si gui!!! Koko!! (bro in Hokkien), you bought us that toilet stuff but you bought ur girlfriend that soft toys???? Wahliu!! Some more said nth do buy there.

And do you know what he told me?? he said, girlfriend more important than SISTER. How could he say such things???? issh.... piss off!!! hahhahaah.... but at the same time, if he gave me that 2 soft toys, i would not have like it so much la.. cause it dont serve me any purpose. At least the 'toilet bowl sit-paper' make me rest my feet. haha. nah.. take a look at those soft toys...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More pictures for the Prom Night.

We used to study in MGS.

Mr.Glutton. :P Now you know who he got that title. :P

Upper sixes.

Ping,Jocelyne, pinyin


Mr.Clown of the made us laugh a lot!

Me & haniel.We were born on the same day! time not sure.

Upper 6 with Mr.Roger.

Lee Chong Wei

Chong Wei... i just wanna tell you this. I am damn disappointed with ur games during the Olympic Finals last 2 days. Everyone know you could do 10 times better than that. We watched you play against Lee Hyun-Il and Sony. You were brilliant and fantastic. You gave your best shot but not during the finals. You were clumsy and obviously, you were under huge pressure. I cant blame you for that. It was such a waste for you to just give the GOLD medal away and let it fly to Lin Dan's hands. Just one click of you fingers.... you got the SILVER medal. Anyhow, you made our nation proud for winning back a medal. Congrats to you & also to my condolence to you. You think another 4 years time, you will be able to play again?????? Such a missed man.... I thought i could stand and sing proudly our Negaraku after you won the Badminton finals..but instead... we only sit down and listen to the China's national Anthems. So...for now all the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friendster, i just want to tell you this ----> WTF.

Now i know why the youths prefer using FACEBOOK instead of FRIENDSTER... ermm actually i knew it long time ago... is starting to get on my nerves. Often have problem loading the pages. At first i thought it might be the Internet line.. but i found out that my other friends also had the same problem as i did. Plus, when i want to upload the pictures in friendster...problem will start to occur again... duh.. it will come out as 'the picture's file is too big' or 'error in uploading pictures' it make me feel so frustrated.
The other way round for If u wanna upload pictures.... no matter how big ur pics are or how many pics u wanna upload, the website will allow you to do so... lesser problems... and facebook is obviously better compare to friendster... in facebook, you can send kisses, gifts, even animals to ur friends. If you wanna know where did your long lost friends go... you can search their names..i did that few times and i actually succeeded. :P

Red Crescent Committee Seniors' Farewell.

We went to the Little Cottage 2, near WaterFall yesterday for lunch. Each of us were given Maximum Rm12 for our food....and as i have predicted... the guys sure complain... yea.. i am damn right bout it...Their stomachs have unlimited spaces especially Kenny Ng. He ate 4 slices of bread, One plate of chicken chop, one plate of Fish & Chip,2 bowls of soup!! and he actually wanted to take another slice of bread from me!! No way!!..haha..have a look at this video.

The food is quite delicious. i like the tomato soup...i would give the food 6/10. The place was suppose to be closed at 3pm but we stayed there till round 3.50pm. We took lots of pictures till one of the waiters was quite annoyed with us. And they off the lights to shoo us...its a nicer way to 'halau' us out. haha...

We were waiting for Yongchin,Michelle, ShaeFang,Jocelyne and Hoayping..So we have got nth else to do than take this dumb dumb pic for fun.haha.

Woh.....Couple T-Shirt?? BUt according to Yongchin, they got this shirts from the prison. The red colour t shirt which was worn by yongchin has gotten from A HIGH CLASS prison. For the green colour, is the 2nd class prison..

Holding up their number?? it is invisible to us. They know themselves..what they did in the 'prison'

ermmmm... ==' yea.. i am sweating now..cause this pic is TOO 'HOT' for me to handle.

14 of us!! the committee members.

14 of us again.

haha! whose idea was it??

left to right: danny, pinyin & kenny.

can you spot someone behind kehjun??the unclear figure of someone?? ermm... or do i think too much?? am i hallucinating?