Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day Out with Miss Chan & Miss Janet.

I had lunch at Food Loft with my ex colleagues and also my friends and can be known as my 'big ' sisters la.. It had been ages since i last saw them. I think around 1 year already. They are still the same...still very friendly, talkative and also still having their own bubbly personalities. SayKun fetched me to gurney..thanks yea... she is the one with blur shirt. And Janet is on the left of the picture. She waited for us for more than half an hour at Gurney... but she still appeared ok..not with the sour expression. What to do... miss Chan very the busy.. she needs to finish doing the agreements before she could come out.. At least all of us did make some efforts to meet each other. :P

Left to right:Miss Janet & MissChan.

Me and Say Kun!!!

Me at the toilet..ahhaah..with Saykun..can u spot her?

Me with Janet!

SayKun: Hmmm... what do u actually want man???
Janet: Come on...lets go to the toilet together la....!!! ok mar??

Both of them!!

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