Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ever wonder how mooncakes are made?

A lot of my friends have asked me how moon cakes are actually made? My family members have been making moon cakes or will be known as - Guek Pia or Tong Chiu Pia in hokkien even before i was born. So this year i have decided to take some pics to show all of u how moon cakes are made... Making moon cakes is atually quite time consuming but when i can taste my own home made mooncakes it just make things worth it. haha.

According to the legend, the moon cakes were created during the war time at China. One of the messenger wanted to send the important msg to the Emperor but due to the securities everywhere, they were not able to do so. They have came up with an idea. One of them suggested to bake a moon cake and put the msg written in a piece of paper inside the mooncake. The moon cake was passed to the emperor and the emperor cut it..... he saw the msg. This is how the moon cake comes out and thanks to their we can get to eat Tong Chiu Pia or else we would not have known what the hell is Moon Cakes and how they taste like... taste like heaven... haha.

After mixing the ingredients, we will make it into a ball- like- shape. Those in the pics are the red bean.

The pasty-the one in brown.

We will take the pasty cover it onto the red beans.

And after that process, the pasty and the red bean will be placed in the mould.

This is how it looks like when we stuff both of the red bean covered with the pasty in the mould.

Ta dah!!!! the moon cake.

Moon cakes waiting to be baked in the oven.

We will bake them for around 20 mins. and we will have the moon cakes ready to be eaten by me!!

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