Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friendster, i just want to tell you this ----> WTF.

Now i know why the youths prefer using FACEBOOK instead of FRIENDSTER... ermm actually i knew it long time ago... Friendster.com is starting to get on my nerves. Often have problem loading the pages. At first i thought it might be the Internet line.. but i found out that my other friends also had the same problem as i did. Plus, when i want to upload the pictures in friendster...problem will start to occur again... duh.. it will come out as 'the picture's file is too big' or 'error in uploading pictures' it make me feel so frustrated.
The other way round for facebook.com. If u wanna upload pictures.... no matter how big ur pics are or how many pics u wanna upload, the website will allow you to do so... lesser problems... and facebook is obviously better compare to friendster... in facebook, you can send kisses, gifts, even animals to ur friends. If you wanna know where did your long lost friends go... you can search their names..i did that few times and i actually succeeded. :P

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