Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is girlfriend more important or you own sister??

The story begins here. My eldest brother went to Bangkok for a holiday past few weeks. He bought me a so called 'souvenir'. It is called the 'toilet bowl sit-paper'. i name it myself. Dunno what the hell the Thai words mean which were written on the packet. This will come handy when our lady luck is not with us during our nature call. You know la... our malaysia toilets... sucks man... especially those toilet bowls. Some even have FOOT PRINTS on them... Pity me, i need to train my 'kungfu' steps when i am in the toilet. Half Squatting and half standing with both of my knees trembling like jelly. As all of u heard this proverb - Practise makes perfect'. Now i am near perfect, my legs not that wobbly anymore and i can do that 'kungfu' steps better! but now..with my bro's gift... i think i will have to retire from my 'kungfu' @ toilet kungfu.

The outside look.

This is how the thing looks when i open it up.its like the toilet bowl shape. this is where you put ur butt there.

These are the steps that you should do.

Oh yea.. before you scroll down. LEt me tell u another thing. My bro bought a very cute and girlish soft toys for his girlfriend from Bangkok. He palaced them on his bed i caught him! What would i say???

Pinyin: Si gui!!! Koko!! (bro in Hokkien), you bought us that toilet stuff but you bought ur girlfriend that soft toys???? Wahliu!! Some more said nth do buy there.

And do you know what he told me?? he said, girlfriend more important than SISTER. How could he say such things???? issh.... piss off!!! hahhahaah.... but at the same time, if he gave me that 2 soft toys, i would not have like it so much la.. cause it dont serve me any purpose. At least the 'toilet bowl sit-paper' make me rest my feet. haha. nah.. take a look at those soft toys...

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